Wario Fatsos Inc

Wario Fatsos Inc was a series of stories I started writing on back in july 7 of 2010, mostly as a little side project while I was working on finishing the first series of The Wario Show.

This series would see the life of Wario-Ware-Man and his siblings as it were like before the events of The Wario Show; making video games consisting of many, short microgames. Wario (who would later on rename himself Wario-Ware-Man), having had his employees quit WarioWare Inc, seeks to run the company himself with his fellow brothers Warrio and VARIO and set out to produce a new WarioWare title on their own. While the new game is a massive success to the company, the three of them end up being kicked out of the company by the other employees. In response, they form their own company "Wario Fatsos Inc" on the tall pillar at the opposite side where Warrio and VARIO's house stands on top of.

From what I can remember, this series would've consisted of 6 or 8 "episodes", with the last episode having the Wario bros go out on a trip, only to eventually be transported into another dimension, setting up the events of The Wario Show series. It also places less focus on Wario and fart gags(that the Wario bros and Maya the Bee series had since abandoned), and opts for a slightly more sophisticated form of storytelling.

Only two "episodes" were finished in the end. I had begun work on the third story in october 13 2014, but never got any further on it. Realizing that The Wario Show had already seen its end by 2016, and that I barely had time to write on Wario Fatsos Inc due to many circumstances, the W.F.I series was unofficially cancelled, leaving the third story unfinished.

Looking back, I kinda regret cancelling this series now. If I choose to restart it again, I will more than likely modify the original stories so they read more like traditional text stories, and maybe even try to tie up some loose ends and clarify some things in more detail.

Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3 (unfinished)