Wario bros' and Maya the Bee


Wario bros' and Maya the Bee is going to be a new series of text-based stories starring Wario-Ware-Man, his siblings Warrio and VARIO, and the german cartoon bee Maya the Bee.

Compared to my earlier creation, The Wario Show, while this new series will retain most of the former series' settings, there will be a lot more new material, and will from time to time even explore different sides of the titular characters. It will also utilize ideas and concepts that didn't quite make it into The Wario Show.

The character Wario has been removed from this series. His name will likely be referenced at times, but those occurences will be far and few.

Another difference is unlike The Wario Show, happy endings will never be guaranteed. One thing that puzzled me with The Wario Show is the endings of each story, while not fully guaranteed, almost always ended on good notes, despite this or that story saying otherwise. With this series though, I'll be looking into fixing that.

These stories will also be translated to english once a story has been finished. This way I'm hoping for these works to be more easily understood by people not of swedish origin. Who knows, maybe something will result of these stories, like comics! Ah well, the wish is there. Whether that'll happen or not is entirely another story.

Series 1

Episode #1 (swedish, english)

Episode #2 (swedish, english(Upcoming))

Episode #3 (swedish, english(Upcoming))