Old site updates for anyone to peek at(and to keep the main page tidy enough):


November 29 2014 13.32:

Been working on a prototype of the upcoming site redesign for some time now:


This redesign has been made mostly from ground up, and will at most use CSS for the style and design, keeping the site design more easy to update and change, and less distracting. It isn't exactly final yet, and a few things will likely change.

September 24 2014 23:16:

The comics page is now up (Finally!)

September 4 2014 17:43:

The "inset" borders around elements in Lazy Lucy has been replaced with nicer, rounded borders!

September 4 2014 13:49:

Anything else page updated with the last replays, snapshots, and custom stages (and probably the very last of it in a long time).

September 2 2014 16:08:

Alright, this is not one of my usual updates, but I just wanted to tell one thing; I have decided to move on from game design. Reason is, I want to be able to move forward in my life, and my physical health has only got worse since I had put myself as slave to those old game projects.

Unfortunately, this will mean that I will no longer work on projects like KazooieWare and Kazooa the Phantom Thief. I thought I could do at least either of them, but I were proven wrong. I'm not as quick and flexible on games design as I used to be, and lastly, taking on very complex games by myself proved to be very challenging, if not extremely difficult. It also hindered me from developing my other hobbies further.

Ever since I had finished Kazooa in The Treasure Land in 2013, I came to learn of a very important lesson lately; If you decide to take on some big game or something that is very likely to take all of your energy, it is maybe best to ask others for assistance and get feedback, otherwise you'll tend to try doing it all yourself which will very well drain you of any kind of power later on in life. That was how it felt to me years later, but at that time I couldn't think about stopping. I'm glad I actually came to stop with it now. Who would know how my life could've turned out if I kept it up.

Anyway, while I won't be working on any big-scale and expansive games anymore, I will try to do what I will best do; to draw art and comics. Maybe I'll even get to flesh out my other ideas more as a result!

August 29 2014 16:43:

Redesigned the Lazy Lucy website to make it more accessible and sightfully pleasant.

June 12 2014 19:11:

More demo builds of Kazooie in the Treasure Land along with a new game title added to the Game Maker page!

June 10 2014 23:55:

Apologise for not making a update in a while. Anyway, the Debug Menu page for Kazooie in the Treasure Land has been started. It is in a bit of an mess atm, but I promise I will get to flesh it out more soon.

May 12 2014 18:57:

Finally made the redesign of the site today. Hopefully it should look a bit nicer now. Some pages also have received a bit of cleanup in their code(mainly the removal of unneccessary "span" tags). There's also a new page in Projects, that lists some concepts of mine that I'm thinking about doing in the future.

May 12 2014 11:26:

Added a couple new drawings to the Traditional Drawings page.

May 3 2014 23:19:

I've thought about it a bit by now, and I think I should rebrand this site in a different name(remember I originally named it after an fictional character of mine?). And with that should also a teenie bit of a re-design follow, in hopes to make things in here look better.

Besides that, the Traditional Drawings page has been updated with new pictures from this year.

May 1 2014 23:35:

Everything's up now!

May 1 2014 11:08:

World of Dumb Crow's has moved servers. I'm in the process of uploading all the files atm, so it will take time before everything will be up again.

March 20 2014 17:39:

More stuff added to Game Maker, and some reorganisation(along with more expansion) to the Series Info and Facts page in Lazy Lucy.

March 7 2014 12:32:

Sorry that the site were down for awhile last month, but hopefully things should be working by now. Anyway, two new game titles have been added to the Game Maker page.

February 11 2014 23:10:

Over 80 drawings added to Traditional Drawings page.

February 11 2014 21:31:

More demo versions of Kazooie in the Treasure Land now up on the Game Maker page.

February 3 2014 16:37:

Lazy Lucy; More fan art added to Art and Stuff page. Also started research on names of Lazy Lucy in other countries(it's on the bottom of the episodes list in Series Info and Facts). The list is not complete, but I'll add any other names to it that I come across.

January 25 2014 23.45:

I gave the Lazy Lucy page a bit of an small overhaul. The contents have also been sorted into their own pages.

January 4 2014 19.48:

Some minor corrections to the Lazy Lucy page. The dogs name is actually Flinkie, not Slinky(my bad there.). Also added 1 more fanart pic to the page, and a link to Lucie Millimages channel on Youtube, where some of the original french episodes can be found. Might change the background of the page soon to make it a bit more pleasant.


December 26 2013 21.11:

Lazy Lucy page updated with more fan arts, and a few changes in the Cast of Characters part.

November 27 2013 10:01:

Uploaded Demo 040.2 of Kazooie in The Treasure Land to the Game Maker page. It was being shown on deviantART in late 2011 for demonstration purposes, and for people to try it out(W-64 were one of those who tried it). Go check it out, it is certainly earlier than the final game.

November 10 2013 22.58:

Slight change to the Crower VS The Time entry on the Game Maker page, and some new stuff in Lazy Lucy

November 6 2013 18.20:

Crower VS The Time added to Game Maker.

November 6 2013 15.56:

V1.8 of Kazooie in the Treasure Land are now on the Game Maker page. Also added a new page for an extremely overlooked and underappreciated children cartoon, Lazy Lucy. There's still a couple things needed to be added, but so far it seems to look alright.

October 4 2013 14.25:

The look of the site has been updated. Font is now Arial(should be the standard font for most web browsers), and the webpage centers itself depending on browser width(won't work correctly on IE). Sorry for the delay, but I was in wonder about whether or not to add the rest of the drawings. There are some new ones from 2013 in the Traditonal Drawings page though, but I yet have to get the rest of the others up. Will start updating the site more soon enough. Just gotta need the time I can get.

September 17 2013 17.19:

Just got one of my games done now, Kazooie in the Treasure Land! Check it out on the Game Maker page. For this reason I'm going to give this site a complete makeover later today. Will see when I'll get to update the site again with content, but hopefully during the redesign.

June 23 2013 22.33:

Been some time again. Anyway, the List of Original Characters page has been updated abit, and a new page with character interviews has been added to Anything else. Also added a section in that page named "Brawl Vault Collection" that includes every single snapshot, replay, and custom stage I have ever made in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. All of the custom stages were mostly made for my own purposes, and were never intended for tournaments usage.(I'm highly against that kind of feature in Brawl.)

April 12 2013 12.50:

More titles added to the Game Maker page.

March 2 2013 18.24:

Finally got nearly all of the drawings up. The ones from the current year 2013 will be up soon too. After that I'll start expanding some of the other pages of the website.

March 2 2013 15.56:

30 drawings added to the Traditional Drawings page. From this update on I'll be getting all of the remaining pics up, and maybe a few more Games of mine.

February 28 2013 09.47:

30 new drawings added to Traditional Drawings.

February 27 2013 23.16:

Another month since any updates yet again. Apologizes, but some things in rl have hindered my focus on this website. However, to compensate for this there's now 20 more drawings in the Traditional Drawings page. Will get the rest of them up very soon, along with the ones that I've made recently.

January 21 2013 15.22:

Over a month since last update. Sorry about that. 50 new drawings have been added to the Traditional Drawings page, and a slight update to the List of Original Characters page.


December 25 2012 12.57:

Long overdue update to the Traditional Drawings page. Sorry for the delay, but the server had gone crazy again it seems. Currently fixing any dead links I find in there. More drawings will be added later today.

December 22 2012 17.42:

An surprise update to the Traditional Drawings page with a bunch of pics added.

December 17 2012 14.03:

Earlier build of KBSD, as well as a build of my cancelled Croc ''Remake'' project added to the Cancelled section of the Game Maker page.

December 14 2012 20.31:

Digital drawings page added.

December 14 2012 19.34:

Animations page added.

December 14 2012 14.30:

More pics are now up in the Traditional Drawings page. Sorry about the broken links to the pics earlier, the host server apparantly screwed up again.

December 14 2012 00.06:

A few more pages have been added. (Anything Else, and List of Original Characters(subpage of Anything Else).)

December 13 2012 20.10:

Things on the site have been fixed by now.

December 13 2012 17.20:

Website now online.