Before I get on to the topic this page is about, allow me to explain what this thing is; Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe(also known as Defenders of the Looniverse during early development.) is a unreleased game that was being developed by japanese video game company Treasure, and to be published by Conspiracy Entertainment for the PS2. It was scheduled for a 2001 release, but due to financial problems at Conspiracy it was cancelled (also resulting in other projects of theirs disappearing during this time). Even if the game was left unreleased, a beta iso of the game was leaked on the internet in February 25, 2009, and it appears to be feature-complete, as indicated by its advanced state of completion. Some things though are still a tad unfinished.

As far as I know, this game features no GTS out of the gate. No one has bothered to actually hack this game since it's release on the internet, not even for unused stuff or the like. As a result, there haven't been any GTS snaps of Babs Bunny, Fifi, or even Shirley for this game... until NOW. And now you will find out how this is made possible. This is perhaps to be the only page on the whole internet for this game to be dedicated to the giantess topic. I made this page primarily to gather the information from my thread for the game on the AC/VG GTS forum in a more organized and formidable place.

GTS Screenshots:

Videos of the Giant girls in motion:

Cheat Device Codes

Various cheat codes exist on this page, which can be used to modify the sizes of characters, be any character you want(and force computer players to be a character of your choice), and more! In order to use them, player(s) will need either a cheat device, or a emulator and a iso of the game(links not provided. You can find an iso pretty easily by searching for "Tiny Toon Adventures Defenders of the Universe"(without the quotes) on google or similar search engines.) If you decide to go for the emulation route, Renegade can be quite handy for using the cheats. Most codes have been tested on emulator only. Premade cheat files for both Renegade and PCSX2 containing all the cheats listed on this page will be available in a matter of time. (Note: even if this page focuses mostly on the giantess aspect, I will still be adding codes not directly related to the size topic, because as of now I have also christened it as the page for all of my cheat device codes for this game, and one of only few in existence.)

Name Codes
Player 1/COM 1 Size Modifier 6040615C XXXXXXXX
00020000 00000210
00020000 00000214
00020000 00000218
Player 2/COM 2 Size Modifier 60406160 XXXXXXXX
00020000 00000210
60406160 YYYYYYYY
00020000 00000214
60406160 ZZZZZZZZ
00020000 00000218
Player 3/COM 3 Size Modifier 60406164 XXXXXXXX
00020000 00000210
60406164 YYYYYYYY
00020000 00000214
60406164 ZZZZZZZZ
00020000 00000218
Player 4/COM 4 Size Modifier 60406168 XXXXXXXX
00020000 00000210
60406168 YYYYYYYY
00020000 00000214
60406168 ZZZZZZZZ
00020000 00000218
The common value is 3F800000. There is a max size limit of either 40400000 or 40800000, as most levels seem to contain an invisible roof at top, and going even further up from say 40C00000 will make the character get stuck at some place inside the level boundary, so be careful not to make him/her too big.
Player 1/COM 1 Speed Modifier 6040615C ????????
00020000 00000354
Player 2/COM 2 Speed Modifier 60406160 ????????
00020000 00000354
Player 3/COM 3 Speed Modifier 60406164 ????????
00020000 00000354
Player 4/COM 4 Speed Modifier 60406168 ????????
00020000 00000354
Default is 3F80000. Setting this value too high might make characters almost uncontrolable. Also depends on the size of a character.
Camera follows Player 1/COM 1 toggle 6040615C 0000000X
00000000 00000360
Camera follows Player 2/COM 2 toggle 60406160 0000000X
00000000 00000360
Camera follows Player 3/COM 3 toggle 60406164 0000000X
00000000 00000360
Camera follows Player 4/COM 4 toggle 60406168 0000000X
00000000 00000360
The game will still try to keep other objects in view.

X - Whether or not that player is followed by the camera
0 - Doesn't follow
1 - Keeps character in view
Camera Distance Modifier(Default value is 3EC00000)
202CC444 ????????
Camera Height modifier(Default value is 3F800000) 202CC440 ????????
Hud Graphics Size Modifier 10120F04 0000????
Default value is 4000. If set to 0000, the hud will completely vanish. Can be useful for taking screenshots without the hud being in the way. It does have a side effect of disabling other stuff like fade out/in screen effects, speech bubbles and game text.
Global Camera Distance Modifier(Default value is 4000) 10120D90 0000????
Player 1/COM 1 Character Modifier
00406151 000000XX
Player 2/COM 2 Character Modifier 00406152 000000XX
Player 3/COM 3 Character Modifier 00406153 000000XX
Player 4/COM 4 Character Modifier 00406154 000000XX
XX = Character ID

00 - Buster Bunny
01 - Babs Bunny
02 - Hamton
03 - Plucky Duck
04 - Montana Max
05 - Elmyra
06 - Shirley the Loon
07 - Dizzy Devil
08 - Furrball
09 - Fifi La Fume
0A - Tony Robot
0B - Golem
0C - Gremloin
0D - Mummy
0E - Egyptian
0F - Vagrant
10 - Drizzletrooper
11 - Maximus Flush
12 - Slug General
13 - Slug Person
14 - Flying Gunner
15 - Mech Buster
16 - Mech Babs
17 - Mech Hamton
18 - Mech Plucky
19 - Evil Max
1A - No character
Player 1/COM 1 Color Modifier 00406155 000000XX
Player 2/COM 2 Color Modifier 00406156 000000XX
Player 3/COM 3 Color Modifier 00406157 000000XX
Player 4/COM 4 Color Modifier 00406158 000000XX
XX = Costume/Color type
00 - Color A
01 - Color B
02 - Color C
03 - Color D
Player 1/COM 1 type modifier 00406184 000000XX
Player 2/COM 2 type modifier 00406185 000000XX
Player 3/COM 3 type modifier 00406186 000000XX
Player 4/COM 4 type modifier 00406187 000000XX
XX = Whether Character is Player or Computer controlled
00 - Player 1
01 - Player 2
02 - Player 3
03 - Player 4
06 - COM
Player 1/COM 1 team modifier 00406180 000000XX
Player 2/COM 2 team modifier 00406181 000000XX
Player 3/COM 3 team modifier 00406182 000000XX
Player 4/COM 4 team modifier 00406183 000000XX
XX = Team ID
01 - Team A
02 - Team B
04 - Team C
08 - Team D
Global Players speed modifier 1015F9C8 0000????
Default value is 3F80. Setting this value too high might make characters almost uncontrolable.
Vertical Camera Angle Adjuster E002007F 00405D24
30400000 00405A20
00004000 00000000
E002FF7F 00405D24
30500000 00405A20
00004000 00000000
D0405C60 00000400
20405A20 3EC90FDB
Pulling up and down on R3 adjusts the vertical angle of the camera. Press down R3 to reset it to normal. Only works in-game.
Unlock All Characters 20406120 FFFFFFFF
Player 1 Size Modifier(button activated) D0405D24 0000007F
002FE3A0 00000000
D0405D24 00007FFF
002FE3A0 00000002
D0405D24 00007F00
002FE3A0 00000001
E0060000 002FE3A0
6040615C 3F800000
00020000 00000210
6040615C 3F800000
00020000 00000214
6040615C 3F800000
00020000 00000218
E0060002 002FE3A0
6040615C 40400000
00020000 00000210
6040615C 40400000
00020000 00000214
6040615C 40400000
00020000 00000218
E0060001 002FE3A0
6040615C 3EC00000
00020000 00000210
6040615C 3EC00000
00020000 00000214
6040615C 3EC00000
00020000 00000218
Left on R3 to become small. Right on R3 to be big. Up on R3 to become normal-sized again.
Enable Stage Select(Adventure Mode) 002CC774 00000001
This code enables a Stage select. Simply pick a character in the character select screen for adventure mode and you will be taken to it. Pretty much every area in the game can be selected here, with the exception of
some greyed-out entries in the list.

D-pad Up/Down - Scrolls through the list by one step.
D-pad Left/Right - Scrolls through the list to the start of a act/world(marked in blue)

List of disabled entries(marked in gray):
Stage Start
Music Modifier(Press R2) E0020002 00405C60
002CC7EC 000000XX
202CC7FC 00000002
XX - Song ID

DB - F_BGM00
DC - F_BGM01 Looniversity
DD - F_BGM02 (Gremloids)
DE - F_BGM03
E1 - F_CLEAR2_M (Match end)
E2 - F_CONTI_M(K.O/Time UP)
E3 - F_DESERT_M (Fifi battle)
E4 - F_EGBOSS_M (Mummy Of The Pharaoh)
E5 - F_EGYPT_M (Inside The Pyramid)
E6 - F_ELMYRA_M (Elmyra)
E7 - F_END_M (Staff Roll)
ED - F_MUTEKI2_M (Vs Mode)
F0 - F_SELECT_M (Title)
F4 - F_ST4_M (Intro)
F8 - F_TITLE_M (Character Select)
Player 1 Infinite Health 6040615C 463B8000
00020000 0000030C
Player 2 Infinite Health 60406160 463B8000
00020000 0000030C
Player 3 Infinite Health 60406164 463B8000
00020000 0000030C
Player 4 Infinite Health 60406168 463B8000
00020000 0000030C
True Player 1 Type Modifier 6040615C 000000XX
00000000 000005C4
True Player 2 Type Modifier 60406160 000000XX
00000000 000005C4
True Player 3 Type Modifier 60406164 000000XX
00000000 000005C4
True Player 4 Type Modifier 60406168 000000XX
00000000 000005C4
Player 1 Expression Modifier 6040615C 000000XX
00000000 000005E8
Player 2 Expression Modifier 60406160 000000XX
00000000 000005E8
Player 3 Expression Modifier 60406164 000000XX
00000000 000005E8
Player 4 Expression Modifier 60406168 000000XX
00000000 000005E8
Player 1 on-the-fly costume modifier(Press L2) E0060002 00405C60
6040615C 000000XX
00000000 000007B5
6040615C 00000001
00000000 000007B6
6040615C 00000019
00000000 0000000C
Camera type modifier 004056AC 000000XX
01 - static(remains at the spot it last were on)
02 - Follows objects and stuff like normal
Access Sound Test in Stage Select E0030505 004054B8
E0020100 00405C60
604054BC 00000002
00000000 00000020
Press Select while in the stage select screen to highlight the Sound Test entry. From there on, just press Start and you will be taken to the Sound Test.