Render Artwork/Models

Renders of models used and/or that went unused in my game maker projects can be looked at here.

All the things listed on this page was created by and is (c) LucybonesSquirrel, and cannot be used in commercial productions or be made profit from in any way. Permission to use the info and images on this page for non-commercial purposes is granted however, as long as credit is given where it's due.

Kazooa's Bad Strange Day

W Logo


This funny-looking logo model was at one point intended to be used in Kazooa’s Bad Strange Day, in a similar manner to Conker’s Bad Fur Day where the logo would be cut in half. The file has a timestamp of 05/04/2008 20:27, so it was made in april 5 of 2008.

I have it sorta confirmed by now that I got my inspiration for the 3d logo seen above from an scribble that my friend Okidokicharlie shared with me recently.


The third "W" symbol to the upper left is possibly the one that inspired me to make the 3D model. Even if it's not the definitive source, it's still enough for me to accept as being the source of inspiration to the logo model above.

Fucky Cog


This model is from 25/03/2007 18:50. The name of this model is... “Fucky Cog”! No, really. That is the actual name of the model file.

It doesn’t have any textures, and its facial eyes are made out of flattened cylinders. It was to be based on Carl/Quentin, the cog with split personalities from Conker’s BFD. It was never worked on further though, and were ultimately discarded.

Do note however, that this model were made a little over 10 years ago, and even if it would have been rendered into tiny sprites later on, I don’t think I would’ve ever let its name remain the same later on.

Had work on the project continued, I think a newer model would have likely been made from the ground up.



This simple bazooka model was made in 11/06/2007 18:46, and received a minor update on 06/09/2007 16:29 that I can’t remember any details about. It was intended for the game’s “multiplayer mode” as one of the weapons players could pick up, and would have functioned similarly to the bazooka item in Conker.



This Gameboy-ish device was to be used for one of Kazooa’s idle animations, where she starts playing on a handheld gaming device, just like Conker did in Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Due to my inexperience at the time I had some trouble implenting the idle animations I already made throughout the game’s development in a cleaner fashion, and it would have been too difficult to see all the details on the gameboy were it to be made part of Kazooa’s idle sprite, so in the end this model never saw any use. The model file has the date of 10/06/2007 21:30 on it.

Frying Pan


This frying pan looking model was intended to be Kazooa’s main weapon of defense(or just to hit others with, like Conker). Its last modified date is 24/05/2007 16:59, and was made just hours before I had drawn the frames of Kazooa swinging her frying pan similarly to Conker.

This model were never used as part of Kazooa’s sprites, and her pan-swinging animations were also discarded later on as I found her carrot hammer throwing move to be enough for a primary attack.

The Great Little Poo


A model for an possible boss character, The Great Little Poo, an spoof on The Great Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It has the date of 03/10/2007 23:02.


It received a bit of an makeover in 05/04/2008 22:15, mainly to give it the gaping mouth TGMP had. It was in the process of having Crow Corns(an small parody on the Sweet Corns from Conker’s BFD) put into his mouth, so that’s why there are a couple of them just floating besides him. This revamp was never finished for the game though, and I wasn't really satisfied with how it turned out, considering the textures on certain parts inside of the model’s mouth somewhat glitches out at different angles.

Crow Corn


Crow Corns were intended to be a small parody on the Sweet Corns from Conker’s BFD, and would have served the exact same purpose; to be thrown into the pool of feces by the player in the poo mountain cave, only to meet its dramatic fate. They look exactly like the sweet corns, only with slightly bigger eyes.

This model was rendered into sprites for the game, but the sprites themselves never got used as I didn't implement them before I cancelled the project.

The last modified date for this model is 30/09/2007 16:05.


An earlier version of the above model. This one is from 29/09/2007 22:59.

The only difference I could find is the texture used for its "body". The final version has a more gold-yellowish color which was done by coloring the model, whereas this model uses an actual texture.

The reason this went unused is because the texture didn't look very good when applied. It's also more bland and dull compared to the final model.

Fire Torch


Dated , this fire torch model was used for the battle between Kazooa and an early version of The Great Little Poo.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 08/02/2008 22:09

As development on the game went on, I thought something was missing in the background for the room where the GLP battle would have taken place, so I came up with this model, which I rendered into a tiny sprite for the game, and put a separate flame sprite on top of each one of them.

Weasels' Meeting Table


This model would have been used in the cutscene where Kazooa encounters the weasels at their meeting table.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 13/06/2007 22:44.



This red feather was used as the lives counter in the game, and as the cursor on the title screen.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 07/01/2009 13:50



This beak was originally used as the image for the lives counter in the game. It was changed into a red feather in the 2009 builds.

The way the texture is applied to the model is actually correct. The pre-rendered frames of it even appears like this in the early builds of Kazooa's Bad Strange Day.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 08/06/2007 02:12

Flat Water Object


A simple flat plane of water intended to be part of the background for the It's War chapter(or "Why Everyone Hates War" as the chapter was once going to be called) in Kazooa's Bad Strange Day.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 29/12/2008 14:09

Chocolate Piece


The model used for the prerendered chocolate health bar in Kazooa's Bad Strange Day.

It has a texture on the bottom side that's never seen in the game due to the chocolate bar being just a sprite rather than a 3D model.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 15/11/2008 05:21



The model used for the decorative throne object in the story cutscene. It reuses a texture from some other model I made that weren't part of this game, but intended for an playable demo of a separate game that was going to be included in this game. Develpment on it sadly didn't kick off though.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 04/10/2009 17:28



A model of a poo ball. The poo balls from Conker's Bad Fur Day was also going to reappear in this game. The pre-rendered sprites never really got used by the end though. Looking at it now, if I were to pick up development again I think a texture revamp would more or less be in order.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 02/11/2007 21:54

Mushroom Piece


A model that was used as a base for the animated mushroom sprites in the game, which simply involved chopping off the bottom of the image and using only the top part.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 01/11/2007 18:20

Baseball Bat


Realized I missed a few models earlier, so here's one of the very last ones.

This model is actually intended to look like some sort of baseball bat. The sprite that eventually got used had its shape trimmed up a little to make it look more like a baseball bat than what's seen here.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 28/10/2007 13:10

Kazooa in The Treasure Land



The coin model used for the prerendered coins the player collects in Kazooa in The Treasure Land. It may look flat due to the angle, but it actually has some kind of depth to it.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 16/09/2008 18:10



The Sofa model used in the game's cutscenes.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 29/09/2008 10:01

Treasure Chest


The treasure chest model used in the game. The sides of the lid and the bottom of the chest are not textured, because it was never meant to be seen from any other angle besides the front.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 23/12/2009 13:08

Coin (Ending and Title)


The original coin model used in the Ending cutscenes and the title screen. Compared to the model used in gameplay, this one is slightly more polygonal, a bit thicker, and both sides of it are entirely flat.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 12/02/2010 14:25

Wario TV


The TV model used for various sprites in Kazooa in The Treasure Land. Because I was so much into Wario at the time(and still are today) I just had to add that Wario nose on top of the TV model to make it seem more stylish.

The moustache can only be seen from the front. Vieving the model from the back side causes it to disappear.

I do have an earlier version of this model that was never used, and it's more simple-looking than the final model.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 21/03/2010 14:27


Earlier version of the above TV model. It is obviously work-in-progress here, but the TV was once going to be more angular on the back side. I later made it more rounded and added the Wario nose on top of it to make it look a bit more fancy.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 21/03/2010 12:33

Kazooa on Sofa


The model used in the Main Menu screen of Kazooa in The Treasure Land.

This is how the model appears like when not viewed just from the side. Please forgive me for its rather rough look. I wasn't that much of a pro at 3D modelling at the time. However, since it was made just for some rendered sprite in the game, not much attention were really paid into making it look decent. For the game I was making though, the model work I made did the job good enough.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 21/03/2010 17:46

Kazooa's Table


This table were used for various screens in the game. There are no hidden features or such that for most part would not be seen in game for most rendered sprites of the models. This is the table model in its whole form and shape. Only difference is the number of colors compared to the ingame graphics.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 21/03/2010 18:30

Diamond Treasure


The treasure that is hidden inside all of the various treasure chests in the levels. Although blue variants exists in the game as well, a separate model for them was never made. That would've required re-rendering the frames of the original sprite again, and seeing as I didn't wanna spend time remaking the animation from scratch, I just duplicated the original frames and changed the color to blue.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 20/09/2010 11:22

Ufo model


The little flying saucer model used for the World 3 boss. The backside of the model is different compared to the front, but that's mostly because the front side is all that was ever meant to be seen in game. The coloring isn't done via textures, but by painting various parts of the model with different colors.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 06/02/2013 23:58

Idea Lamp


The lightbulb as it appears in the opening cutscene when Kazooa gets an idea. In this pic however it's at a far higher resolution. This is the last model that was made for the game, as indicated by the "last modified" date below.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 07/02/2013 14:29

Gold bar


Of all the models I made for this game, this is so far the one and ONLY model that never got used. It was intended for the options screens as part of the scrolling background of golden bars. The .3DC file is dated 6/1/2012 21:25:00.

Can’t remember to 100% why I didn't use this model. Maybe it wasn’t golden and shiny enough, or maybe it didn’t look as good compared to the image used in the final(which was drawn entirely with a mouse by the way).

Crover VS The Time

Question Box


The model for an unused info object in Crower VS The Time. As "gay" as it may look like to some people(likely because of the multiple colors), this is how I choose to make the model at the time, nuff said.

Due to the simple fact that I was unable to come up with any sensible in game hints at the time, this object was quickly dropped.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 28/02/2007 16:31

Eye Statue


The model for the Eye Statue object from Crower VS The Time.

No matter how much I try to think back, I'm still puzzled as to why I made it and what inspired me to actually make it... Having a gradually fading memory sure doesn't help that much at all in remembering things.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 29/11/2006 19:35



The 3D model of the speaker sprite used in the "Sound Test" screens of Crower VS The Time.

"last modified" date of .3DC file: 20/11/2006 21:26

Dumb Crow 3D

Dumb-Crow Models

Project67.png Project67.png

Both of these renders were made mostly for purposes of artwork. The type of project those artworks were intended for is some sort of isometric demo test with prerendered 3D graphics, using Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies’ Island (MegaDrive/Genesis) as inspiration source. The first model is timestamped 30/07/2007 21:27, while the second model has a date of 01/08/2007 01:20.

Below are the artworks in question these models were used for:

Project67.png Project67.png

The first picture originally had a fairly strong light effect applied on top, making it a bit hard to look at. Fortunately I kept a version without said light, so I'll be showing that one instead.

The 2nd artwork was never properly finished. From what little I can still remember the background to be used was supposed to be some sort of snowy landscape, and those small clouds coming from Dumb-Crow’s nose would indicate that he’s freezing.

Despite what the description of the first picture says, the demo never evolved into a full game in the end, but it was quite fun for me to work on for a while at least.


Game Logos

Project67.png Project67.png

Prototype models for a possible logo(to be used on the title screen, likely). The first one is flat and plain. The 2nd variant has some more depth to it, but the way it was applied makes it a bit hard to see the text properly.

WarioWare Stage Recreation Prototype


This model was an attempt at recreating the WarioWare stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Obviously unfinished, as all of what has been done is the main platform with a single texture applied on both sides.


Project 67 model


While digging through one of my data backup isos back in 2018, I found this fairly strange 3D model of my Project 67 character.

The model itself is dated 21/04/2006 15:09, and along with it are 4 avi videos (as well as a .pov file possibly containing the animation itself) of the model’s “standing still” animation. Exactly what kind of game project of mine this was going to be used for has basically been lost to time. This also shows that I wasn’t really using any textures at the time, but simply colored all parts of a model.

Looking back on this model again I now think it looks a bit odd. Had I still been using 3D Canvas(or 3D Crafter) by now I suppose I would give this model a good facelift, and actually use textures wherever possible.

Extralife Explosion


A sprite graphic for an “Extralife Explosion” object that was implemented into one of my early game projects, similar to the unused “Honeycomb Explosion” object in Banjo-Kazooie. I played through an early prototype of this canned game project, and the thing that happens when a certain key is pressed when the player stands on it is the number of lives just simply increases by an amount.

I attempted to find the original 3D Canvas model file, but no luck. No matter how much I looked through the contents of my CD backup isos I just couldn't find it anywhere. I seem to have either lost it, or simply didn’t save it to a file, so a higher-resolution image of this model is pretty much impossible.