The various versions of this website

I have a minor tendency to look back at how my works used to be/look like earlier, and comparing them to how it looks like today. I will be mostly brief about it though, so I'll spare you from the overly long, boring details.

Project Dizzy(09/07-2006 - 29/12-2006)

While this isn't really the first incarnation of the website, it kind of evolved from this site project. This project didn't make it through, and looking at it again, I'm glad it didn't.

World of Dumb Crows(Pre-online era 2007-2008)

Before getting to the version that would be first seen online in 2012, the site looked quite different and more simplified. The logo changed size quite a few times, and the text was way too large to even be read. A redesign came about in 2008, which shrunk the text down to a more acceptable size. That Project Dizzy site of mine was also intended to be put in there for archival purposes, but it never got off the ground. The website was put aside to focus more on my Conker website, and time flew by.

World of Dumb Crows(Pre-online era 2011-2012)

Moving on from MS Word to Kompozer, I intended to revive the website again. During this time, I still had it set for Project Dizzy to be resurrected, but came to completely abandon that idea in the end. Also had an idea for another page, Luigi's Mansion Compendium. That one, alas, did not come about either(no page of it were even started), as I felt Luigi's Bigger Mansion was the better website about Luigi's Mansion, and I've got things of my own to focus on. Neither sites survived into todays website.

World of Dumb Crows(Online era 2012-2014)

The site finally went online in December 12 2012, still under its original name. The old name would remain in use until 2014.

LucybonesSquirrel's Webplace(2014-onwards)

Feeling a bit fed up with using the same site name for over 7 years, I decided it was time for a change in May 12 2014, as the website's focus has, and will likely grow way above of what I originally had on mind, now being about just anything and everything related to myself and my works. In December 22 2014, I remade the website to make use of CSS to greater lengths, also putting an end to that whole "Dumb-Crow's the center of attention on this site" saga of mine. The website will also be made with MS Expression Web 4 from this point on.

The current site design is to remain for a very long time. I've got no intentions of ever changing the layout yet again