Links to other websites/places, etc.

Conker's Homeland
My special fan site devoted to Conker the Squirrel, ala Conker’s Bad Fur Day! Lots of stuff in here, even some you may’ve never heard of anywhere else.

Wario’s Disguised Fansite
Another one of my websites, this one being devoted to a game for the Nintendo DS, Wario – Master of Disguise. But it is also the place for pretty much anything Wario, Wario Wario Wario.

It was actually being started in 2010, but the project itself never really picked up despite several attempts to revive it. The project has since been put to an indefinite rest. Some screenshots of what little were done with the site can be viewed below. I may or may not decide to revive it in the future("very likely not" would be my bet there though):

ConkerGuru’s DeviantArt
Where I first showed myself to the whole internet world. Check out my dA page.