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Clips of Lazy Lucy can be watched on this page. There's still a lot of them missing in here, but I'll be working further on finding the other ones in a matter of time.

Disclaimer: All official clips of Lazy Lucy (c) Millimages. I don't own any of them, I'm only sharing them for entertainment purposes.

Dog Hair Spray
Lucy Pitches a Plan
The Ball's in Your Court!
A Stamp of Genius

The Jumble Gallery
A Fly in The Ointment
The Hairclip Detector
Lucy's Lullaby

The Sandcastle Challenge
What a Load of Rubbish
In a Spin
A Shade Too Hot

No Parrots Please!
The Butterfly Chase It's No Picnic Washing Up
Mop Skating

The Runaway Bag
Fancy That!
3,2,1 Knit!
Uphill Sledging

The Turbo Toothbrush
Dog Tired
Mixed Signals
Lucy Digs Her Heels In