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On this page visitors will find some information about the characters from the show, as well as a list of all episodes produced. All info on this page are still in it's infancy, but I will get to fix up some details every now and then.

General information about the show:
Lazy Lucy centers around Lucy, an 8-year old german girl who, in order to do as little as possible, always end up doing more. Why would she have to unbutton her coat, when it only has to be rebuttoned again? Or other tedious moments like when she takes on the task of watering the flowers on the balcony with a little water can, and lifting a heap of leaves just to find a hairclip? To avoid tiring herself out, Lucy sets out to develop original and amusing solutions to all everyday chores, most of them not working very well, others working at varying degrees of success.

The cartoon was produced in 2003-2004 by Toons 'N' Tales and Millimages, and has a total of 52 episodes. Eckart Fingberg were involved as one of the main creators of the show. Despite enjoying occasional reruns on TV, the show doesn't have much of a broad fanbase. Due to this, the series hasn't seen any wide discussions online, including most communities on the net.

Almost all episodes of both French and English versions are available on DVD for purchase on Millimages' website, and
the entire English series are also available on Dramafever now. It's possible that the English series in its entirety were to be made and distributed by Madman Entertainment, but only one DVD was released in the end (with a 2nd edition implied to exist, but no evidence so far can prove it, and were more than likely either an cancelled edition, or simply an early cover).

A DVD of the original German version also exist, with 26 episodes in total. The other 26 however was not released on any DVD.

Cast of Characters:
Lucy: Lucy is a 8-year old girl who has her own view on life; Why tire yourself out doing things when you can find a lazier way. It is easier said than done though, as Lucy often ends up doing more no matter what ideas she comes up with. Her biggest interest in life is easily said to be as lazy as possible, but she also has other interests(karate being one example maybe).

Paul: Lucy's little brother. Paul always seem to end up helping his big sister in a number of occasions whenever she comes up with her lazy ideas. He also doesn't knock on the bedroom door before coming in, even if Lucy puts up a sign on the door telling him to knock(very likely due to the fact he can't yet read.).

Mommy: Lucy and Paul's mother, and wife to their Daddy. She does most of the household chores in their home, like cooking. She cares for her children like most mothers. Her name is never mentioned.

Daddy: Father to Lucy and Paul, and Mommy's husband. His name also isn't mentioned.

Flinki: Lucy's pet dog. He appears every now and then in many episodes.

Mrs Pringles
Paula Pringle: One of Lucy's neighbors. She is a friend of Mommy's. Lucy often calls her Mrs. Pringle. She also owns a old parrot named Polly who she fittingly describes as a "Chatter Box".(I know Paula's last name must be something else as opposed to Pringle. But I  keep hearing it wrong no matter how hard I try to listen to when Lucy calls her by her last name.)

Jasmine: One of Lucy's best friends. Jasmine wears glasses a pink shirt, yellow skirt, blue shoes, and a star-shaped hair clip that keeps her hair from coming down on her face. Her hair clip were yellow in the first few episodes, but changed to purple in later ones. She often joins Lucy in her plans to come up with lazier ways.

Thomas: Another of Lucy's friends. He's commonly called Tom, but occasionally Lucy says his full name.

Episode List: (Note: Episodes are numbered based on the order the french episodes aired/were produced, to maintain consistency of the show's production timeline. The exact air date of each episode(france and other countries) has yet to be found out.)

1. The Runaway Bag
Carrying her school bag on her back, what a nuisance! To avoid this burden, Lucy decides that it's about time her bag made its own way to school! The only problem is that it has trouble finding its way...

Note: This is likely the Pilot episode, as the animation style looks a bit smoother, and characters look more consistent between scenes.

2. Dog Hair Spray
Watering all the plants on the balcony one by one, what a nuisance! Lucy invents the first automatic plant watering system to save energy!

Note: When Lucy and Jasmine get washed by the water sprinkler, Jasmine's eyes turn blue after opening them, but when she blinks again they revert back to green.

3. Lucy Pitches A Plan
Putting up a tent, what a nuisance! Lucy has a better idea to avoid tiring herself out: she prefers to sleep under the stars!

4. The Ball's In Your Court!
Picking up all the tennis balls, what a nuisance! And the way to avoid this chore? By returning all the balls to the opposite side of the court. Easier said than done, but Lucy isn't one to give up.

5. A Stamp Of Genius
Licking a whole load of stamps to stick them on, what a nuisance! It's best to leave such a task to an expert and who better than Flinki, a nice companion with a long lolling tongue!

Note: At the beginning of the episode, in the shot where Jasmine lends over all the invitation cards for Lucy to stick the stamps on, her shirt arm is in the color of Lucy's shirt.

6. The Jumble Gallery
Taking all of these things to the street market, what a nuisance! Why not just take a photo; it's a lot easier to carry. Snappy snap and it's in the bag!

7. A Fly In The Ointment
Waving your arms around everywhere trying to fly-fish, what a nuisance! Playing with a kite and a cow, now that's much more fun. Happy fishing, Lucy!

8. The Hairclip Detector
Lifting a heap of leaves to find a hairclip, what a nuisance! Lucy embarks on developing the first "hairclip detector"!

9. Lucy's Lullaby
Singing for hours to get her little brother to sleep, what a nuisance! Lucy works out a better technique: the automatic lullaby.

10. The Sand Castle Challenge
Digging the sand to build a castle, what a nuisance! There has to be a lazier way! And there is - with the help of a dinghy, a dog, her little brother and, above all, lots of imagination!

Note: When Lucy and Paul are hurrying up finishing their sandcastle, there's a noticable, but subtle skip in their movements; rather than finish moving when avoiding the incoming wave, they almost instantly shift to their new positions.

11. No False Notes
Practising for hours to play a small piece of music at the school fete, what a nuisance! Luckily Lucy knows the song and she goes to great lengths to find a fun way to play without making any mistakes!

12. What A Load Of Rubbish!
Taking the bin out every day, what a nuisance! It would be so much better if the bin could take itself out! Take itself out? What an excellent idea!

13. In A Spin
Hanging out the washing in the garden, what a nuisance! Especially when there are so many fun games to play nearby. What will inspire Lucy for her latest challenge?

14. A Shade Too Hot
Having to carry a parasol on the beach, what a nuisance! There has to be another way of protecting yourself from the sun. But of course! All you have to do is make use of your own shadow!

15. No Parrots Please
Paul, you should knock before coming into the room. Always repeating the same thing to her little brother, what a nuisance! And Lucy does not intend to become a parrot!

Note: At the beginning of the episode, in the scene where Lucy talks into her tape recorder pretending to be a announcer, if you look closely at her left hand when she points with it, it will have 4 fingers instead of 3.

16. The Butterfly Chase(Alt. Chasing Butterflies)
Running around the park to catch a butterfly, what a nuisance! What to do? There's no point in running- just attract the butterflies to you!

Note: This is one of few episodes where Lucy doesn't wink to the viewers at the end. The others are Flying High and Staying Awake For Santa. Also, when Jasmine is trying to catch the butterfly at the start of the episode, her shirt arm is colored yellow.

17. It's No Picnic Washing Up
Washing up after a picnic, what a nuisance! But Lucy has the knack for transforming the slightest chore into a great children's game.

18. A Photo Finish
Making a load of adjustments in a booth for a tiny identity photo, what a nuisance! Lucy has a solution: setting up the "home identity photos"!

19. It's Raining Apples!
Carrying a ladder under the tree to pick some apples, what a nuisance! To avoid tiring herself out, Lucy stops at nothing and proves that she most certainly doesn't lack spirit!

20. The Rooster Rock Alarm Clock
The farm rooster wakes the girls at the break of day. Getting up early even when you're on holiday, what a nuisance! It's up to Lucy to persuade the rooster to have a lie in!

21. It's Snow Way To Walk
Shoveling up all this snow, what a nuisance! Lucy prefers to find a way to walk on the snow without sinking.

22. Flying High
Running around until you're out of breath to get a kite off the ground, what a nuisance! If only you could make it fly with its own wings...

Note: This is the 2nd time where Lucy doesn't wink at the end of the episode. The other episodes are The Butterfly Chase and Staying Awake For Santa.

23. Fancy That!
Cutting all this paper just to make a costume, what a nuisance! But Lucy has plenty of ideas to do a great fashion show without tiring herself out!

24. A Whole New Ball Game
Spending time going to find your ball in the neighbour's garden, what a nuisance! To avoid this, Lucy is ready to do anything, even if it means changing the rules of the game!

25. 3,2,1 Knit!
Turning massive needles in all directions to knit something, what a nuisance! There has to be a lazier way! Lucy transforms this challenge into a real competition: three, two, one, knit!

26. Uphill Sledging
Pushing the sledge to the top of the slope, what a nuisance! There has to be a lazier way! Lucy turns her attention to a new type of mechanical lift.

27. Back To The Drawing Board
Doing a load of drawings one after the other, what a nuisance! It would be much more fun if you could do several drawings at the same time. And to do that Lucy is ready to bend over backwards.

28. A Short Cut
Pushing the lawnmower to cut the grass in the garden, what a nuisance! Lucy chooses a much more fun and ecological approach: a 100% natural solution.

29. The Tickle Machine
Making your arms ache tickling your brother, what a nuisance! Lucy sets about inventing the first "tickle machine."

30. The Tidy Solution
Tidying the bedroom, what a nuisance! It would be much better if the room could tidy itself!

Note: If you take a look at Paul when he, Lucy, Jasmine, and Tom are singing together the first time, at one point the mask he wears(sans the feathers) won't be on his face.

31. Shedding Paint
Painting the whole shed by hand, what a nuisance! Lucy comes up with a heap of farfetched solutions to paint the shed without tiring herself out.

32. The Turbo Toothbrush
Moving your arms around to brush your teeth, what a nuisance! But there's no way Lucy's going to abandon her pretty little toothy-pegs! What must be done is to find another solution. It's not easy, but she won't give up: Lucy has stacks of ideas!

33. Done And Dusted!
Rubbing everything with a cloth to dust her room, what a nuisance! Lucy prefers to organize some anti-dust games: they're much more entertaining!

34. Dog Tired
Grooming Flinki, what a nuisance! To avoid tiring herself out by cleaning her doggy, Lucy is prepared to do anything, even if it means going round a real obstacle course!

35. High Inflation
Blowing to inflate balloons, what a nuisance! Lucy comes up with her own way: why tire yourself out blowing up balloons when you can use all the air that is already there?

36. Mixed Signals
Climbing up and down stairs to say something to Tom, what a nuisance! How can she communicate with her neighbor opposite without moving? To achieve her ends, Lucy uses some crafty tactics.

37. Lucy's Scarecrow
Cramming straw into bags to make a scarecrow, what a nuisance! But they can't let the birds come and peck at the vegetable garden. To protect the strawberries, Lucy and Jasmine build an extremely original type of scarecrow.

38. Lucy's Den
Picking up scraps of wood to build a den, what a nuisance! Lucy invents her own way to make her "express den": a challenge within her capabilities!

39. Pack It In!
Folding her things to make them fit in her backpack, what a nuisance! To pack her bags without tiring herself out, Lucy just needs to use her imagination. This isn't a problem for Lucy- it's in the bag!

40. Spring Cleaning
Beating a rug to get rid of the dust, what a nuisance! Lucy organizes, in her own special way, a big spring clean in Jasmine's garden- it's quite a circus!

41. Ducking Out
Paddling one stroke to the right, one stroke to the left, what a nuisance! Lucy doesn't really want to struggle to get her boat out onto the lake... but it's too late for her to duck out now!

42. A Tabletop Idea
Clearing the table, what a nuisance! In order to have nothing to carry, it's best to find a way to send the washing up directly to the kitchen! And there, as if by magic...!

43. Lucy Digs Her Heels In
Digging loads of holes to plant some strawberries, what a nuisance! Rather than wearing herself out with a spade, Lucy would rather dig around for an idea in her head... and it works! Lucy's way of planting is much more fun!

44. Ski Fall
Skiing is great fun... except when you fall over! Spending loads of time getting up again, what a nuisance! To resolve this problem once and for all, Lucy decides to invent some anti-fall skis...

Note: When Lucy tests out her new ski sticks, there will be a black border around the clip in the scene where she can't stop, and in the other shot that follows, when Jasmine skiis after Lucy.

45. The Puppet Show
Wearing out your arms to move the puppets, what a nuisance! In the process of finding a less tiring solution, Lucy puts on quite a show for us!

46. Mop Skating
Pushing a mop back and forth across the floor, what a nuisance! To clean the kitchen floor, Lucy would rather try something more... sporty. The Formula 1, perhaps, or running or maybe even figure skating!

47. Mud Sticks
Scrubbing shoes to get them clean, what a nuisance! How can Lucy and Jasmine make their shoes look pretty for the ball? Thanks to a flash of inspiration, they end up wearing the most beautiful shoes there ever were.

Note: When Lucy and Jasmine relaxes in the grass while waiting for the mud on their shoes to dry, they both have 5 toes on their feet, but only for the first frame.

48. Digging Halloween
Making a candle out of a pumpkin for Halloween? What a nuisance! There must be a less tiring way to do it.

49. Staying Awake For Santa
Refraining from sleeping to watch out for Father Christmas, what a nuisance! Especially when Lucy really wants to go beddy-byes. To be sure not to miss Father Christmas, Lucy tells us an unlikely story!

Note: 3rd and final time where Lucy doesn't wink at the end, but Santa does instead, as she fell asleep while Santa was telling her and Paul stories.

50. A Pony Tale
All this effort to hoist herself onto the saddle of a pony, what a nuisance! Lucy comes up with the first pony lift. An astounding solution...

51. Keep Your Cool!
Running from the fridge to the garden with cold drinks, what a nuisance! It's up to Lucy to find some less exhausting ways to provide her friends with refreshments... even if it means transforming the garden into an amusement park!

52. That's The Ticket!
Ringing at all the neighbors' doors to sell tombola tickets, what a nuisance! To avoid having to move, Lucy decides to make the customers come to her and sets up a far-reaching publicity campaign!

Lazy Lucy in other languages:
Lucie (France)
Faule Paula (Germany)
Lena Lučka
Lata Lucy (Sweden)