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This page lists my collections of Lazy Lucy, DVDs or otherwise. Unlike the most common business sellers on sites like amazon or ebay, I will actually list the full contents of the DVDs on this page, so you won't have to blindly guess.

Lazy Lucy DVD(Australia, Region 4)
The only DVD to be released in Australia by Madman Entertainment.
This DVD contains the following:

12 Episodes in English:
01. Dog Hair Spray
02. Lucy Pitches A Plan
03. The Ball's In Your Court
04. A Stamp Of Genius
05. The Jumble Gallery
06. A Fly In The Ointment
07. The Hairclip Detector
08. Lucy's Lullaby
09. The Sand Castle Challenge
10. What A Load Of Rubbish!
11. In A Spin
12. A Shade Too Hot

And various Trailers of other childrens' series.

A 2nd edition is said to have been made, but there seems to be no evidence of it existing(besides an image of it on Ebay.) Image of the edition implied to exist on sites like Ebay below.

Lucie - Vol 2(France, Region 2)
One of the DVDs officially distributed by Millimages in France. This is one of the early prints. An even earlier (and more bland) version of the front cover seems to be left untouched on a product listing of this DVD on a french shopping website.

The DVD contains the following material:

12 episodes in both French and English(audiotracks only. The episodes themselves will still have french text in them):
01. Skiing
02. It's No Picnic Washing Up
03. Grooming(Dog Tired)
04. Uphill Sledging
05. Fancy That!
06. What A Load Of Rubbish
Indian Telephone(Mixed Signals)
08. A Stamp Of Genius
09. 3,2,1 Knit !
10. Toothbrush(The Turbo Toothbrush)
11. Carpet Beater(Spring Cleaning)
12. The Runaway Bag

Lucie Intro (Karaoke)
Character Profiles for:
01. Lucy
02. Tom
03. Jasmine
04. Paul

And 3 activity games that can be played by inserting the DVD in a PC(Coloring the characters, Memory, and Slide Puzzle)

The thumbnail image of the earlier front cover: