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Here you can find links to places mostly relevant to the Lazy Lucy series:

Page about Lazy Lucy on Millimages

Old versions of Millimages' Lazy Lucy page(via
November 04 2006 10.53:04
July 16 2007 10.00:33
November 09 2007 13.35:00
November 16 2008 05.48:47*
*The 2008 one is the most functional of all the backups.

Eckart Fingberg's page about Lazy Lucy
Mr. Fingberg are one of the creator people of this show. You can read more about him and his way up to his later career here.(I tried contacting him at one point during this year, but I haven't had any luck so far.)

ConkerGuru deviantART - the place where I initially appeared at first.

Toons'N'Tales official page about Lucy, on which the current design of this website were based on. It really took quite a long time for this page to get archived on, but in January this year it finally happened! Some images and files are broken though, as not all files appears to have survived. I'm currently working on restoring it to its glorious state(using whatever stuff has been archived, some loose but near-identical files lying around on the Internet, and re-making some of the original graphics from scratch)