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My interest in this cartoon and its characters actually go way back, and now I'm sharing with you my experience with it and the impact it had on me for years to come.

It started in February 2007, when I and my sister was at our dads home(what was considered his apartment) for a stay over the night. It was probably sunday morning, the TV was on, and I was... well, sitting and watching TV, of course. Just then out of my expectation(and without knowing) Lazy Lucy started airing on Barnkanalen, and the moment I saw Lucy on screen for the first time in my life, I fell in love with her instantly. Since that day I had from time to time tried to make sure to catch it on TV(without anybody else in my family knowing). In October 2007 I created my own version of Lucy, Lazy Tily, to make sure I wouldn't forget about her.

My interest for the character did not fully kick in until in october 4 2013. Since then I've made several fanarts of the characters from this show. As time kept passing I had to finally reveal to others about my interest in this show, and I prompted myself to create a website dedicated to the cartoon and the characters, which is the site you now are in.

So, in short, this was how my interest in Lazy Lucy came to be. I'll say that this was  accidental, but also by luck that I met with the character, and I certainly don't regret that happening.

As of today I'm still on the lookout for the remainder of the English series episodes, and I'am even considering getting my hands on a few rare books.

Who knows, I may as well make pictures of characters for others(children primarily) to color in, and maybe also some games in the future. It's only a thought right now at this point in my life, and I have no interest in working directly with children on mind, but that day could eventually come.

By now I might consider myself a Toons'n'Tales fanatic of sorts. It is rather unfortunate that the company that made these wonderful works has ceased to exist, along with their official website.

At the same time, I can't help but wonder if there is other people out there who has a liking to Lazy Lucy and/or its characters. After all, it is impossible for me to be the one and only being on earth to have a love for it.

A little overview of this site's various designs throughout its existence. Mostly for memorial purposes, but also to compare how the design has changed/improved between them and the current site:

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