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Being a website about a German childrens cartoon and all, I still just can't help but be curious over how Lazy Lucy truly came to be. Below are all the research I've been doing on the show's development so far.(I will be expanding the page if more information will be found):

General information:
While not much has yet been revealed about Lazy Lucy's development(in the form of concept art, storyboard works, and such), what I have uncovered so far is that it were perhaps in the middle of production in the 22th of November 2002, according to the date of an article that still exists online. Below is an extract of the text from the article:

Super-slothdom rules in co-pro Lazy Lucy

22 Nov 2002
Hamburg, Germany-based prodco Toons & Tales has hooked up with Millimages to co-produce a 26 x five-minute 2-D toon that gives new meaning to the word lethargy. Lazy Lucy stars a little girl who’s determined to be the ‘pioneer of ultimate laziness,’ but her indolent reinventions of everyday chores usually end up creating 10 times the work.

For example, Lucy decides that buttoning her coat is a little too tedious since it will only have to be unbuttoned and rebuttoned again later on. So she devises a trampoline-hinged method of launching her airborne self into the buttoned coat through its neckhole. When brushing her teeth becomes onerous, Lucy attaches her toothbrush to her little brother’s for a tandem dental hygiene effort.

Budgeted at US$1.7 million and targeting the three to seven crowd, the series has already attracted Germany’s SWR and WDR as broadcast partners, and it will air on several German nets as part of the famous kids magazine show Sendung mit der Maus.

Original article:

If I'm understanding the above info correctly, the show must indeed have aired in Germany first, then in France, and later dubbed and
exported to other countries.

The original order of episodes also differ greatly, since certain episodes (like "Lucy Pitches a Plan" and "The Runaway Bag") are listed much later in the german episode list. Another hint at this are the different intro and credits in the first 23 episodes.

Upon looking at one of the first DVD releases of Lucie, I also found the date December 05 2002, another giveaway to the show's start of production taking place earlier than say 2003 or 2004.

Even if the show could have started production in november 2002, I've got a feeling it must have been way earlier than that, maybe September, or even further back in time? who knows for sure...

Background Animation cells:
I have recently found some Background cells on someone's blog online that was mostly used during Lazy Lucy's production. Only a few of them will be on this page, as I'm not 100% sure if he/she would be okay with me hosting the files themselves on here.
Gare.jpg jasminshouse.jpgBath.jpg

The rest of the background artwork can be found here.