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Various artworks will be on this page, ranging from official art to fan art of the shows characters.

Fanarts that I have made. More might be on the way soon, so be sure to keep checking back every once in a while:
Lazy Lucy1 Lazy Lucy2 Lazy Lucy3 Lazy Lucy4
Lazy Lucy5 Lazy Lucy6 Lazy Lucy7 Lazy Lucy8
Lazy Lucy9 Lazy Lucy10 Lazy Lucy11 lazylucy
Lazy Lucy Giantess Lucy


Official artworks(mostly some random art found across several websites):
lazylucy_1 lazylucy_2 lazylucy_3 lazylucy_4

Below is a link to a rough sketch animation on dA(based on a scene from the episode A Table Top Idea). It appears to be self-made. Still, it shows that there is at least a few persons out there that show signs of care for the series in some way.
Lazy Lucy Animation

Toons'n'Tales website pics:
tnt-collage.gif tnt-startseite.gif tnt-faule-paula-szenen.gif tnt-jasper-charaktere.gif
Thumbnails of what used to be the official website for Hamburg based animation company Toons'n'Tales.