Kazooa in The Treasure Land


Also known as Kazooie in The Treasure Land, this game was a project of mine that at first didn't seem to come to an end. Originally developed with version 6.1 of Game Maker, a lot of trouble surfaced during my time working on this title. As you may notice when you play the game, the game has many visual references to Wario, and the intro and outro cutscenes are clearly inspired by Wario: Master of Disguise.

It was the game that almost turned my life upside down, mostly due to an unneccessary number of problems and issues, leading to some features being cut from the game. But there were also other projects of mine that was more or less responsible for that.

An update to the game, labeled "V2.0", was released on August 16 2019, fixing many bugs and issues that plagued the original versions.

Cheat codes:
As it has been a fair while since the game's release, I will now share all of the cheat codes contained in the game. Not all of them are codes just for pure cheating though. To enter them in the game, go to the options screen, and choose "Cheats". You will be taken to a screen where you can enter codes. List of codes are below(they only work for the final version of the game, including revisions and the near last builds of the game):

Access Debug Menu C8GQI
Unlock all Episodes X62FV
have 500 coins when starting a level 5KRDQ
have 60 diamonds when starting a level UEÅ2J
Have 50000 coins and 600 diamonds in totals 6LB0A
Have all Treasures MZÄ26
Unlock All Cutscenes(Excludes Bloopers) HR1Ö5
Have All Minigames 92K8E
Have every enemy and boss in Coffee Book 6NE33
Enemies and bosses in "Times Beaten:" have a number of 586. SW6PU
Everything unlocked QG9ÄD
Change snore bubble to booger with Warionose(main menu) NSWAI
Replace normal TV picture in title screen with a Wario picture W8ARÅ

Cut stuff and hidden things

Not everyone may know this, but deep inside the .exe is a bunch of things the game just simply doesn't utilize. In other words, there's unused stuff in this game, showing ideas and features that didn't make the cut. The below pages documents all the things found in the final versions of the game, using the first release as a base. Things that are exclusive to later versions will be listed separately.

Debug Menu

Unused sprites

Unused sounds

Unused backgrounds

Unused rooms

Unused text


Various versions of the game can be downloaded below. Early Demo versions will also be on their way. Download links with "Final VX.X"(X.X being the revision number) are the final version of the game, while ones with "demo" are development versions that I kept throughout my time working on the project, and might contain different, incomplete, or broken elements and features.

Version: Info
Demo 0.1: Download One of the earliest builds of the game, back when it started conversion from Crower VS The Time to Kazooie in the Treasure Land.
Demo 0.2: Download Similar to 0.1, only a few things had changed.
Demo 0.3: Download The last build made in 2008. It is still mostly Crower VS The Time, but the "time cells" have now been changed into coins, the title logo has been updated, among a couple other minor things. The game wouldn't see any more progress until in late 2009.
Demo 0.4: Download The first build made since September 26 2008, this build marks the end of its conversion period from Crower VS The Time. Kazooa's shoulder bash move has also been implemented, albeit in a very rough form at this point. None the less, many of the Crower VS The Time levels still remain intact in this build.
Demo 0.5: Download Slightly earlier than Demo 0.6. Despite dating just a week apart, this build still has some differences of its own. At this point the game is slowly becoming more and more similar to later builds, and the levels and screens that would stay in or change from the final game were more or less just being modelled out.
Demo 0.6: Download An even earlier version of the game, which aside from graphical or just plain differences also has a level-breaking bug which was fully fixed in the 40.2 demo.
Demo 0.8: Download One of the earlier versions of the game. A majority of things are different/unfinished, and the fourth world have entirely different level layouts.
Demo 2.0: Download This build is from the beginning of february 2011. The cutscenes are a bit further in development, but still very unfinished. Most levels feature very minor changes compared to Demo 0.8. It's also the last version to feature the early-sounding level music found in older builds.
Demo 3.1: Download This build is roughly two months away from Demo 040.2. None the less, it features a number of differences here and there. The level music is also different, but yet not quite there compared to the final version.
Demo 3.2: Download
Demo 040.2(Demonstration Build): Download
This is the version that were shown at deviantART back in December 2011. It is certainly quite early into development, and has many differences compared to final. Normally only the first three levels can be played, but by using a debug cheat code there's a ton more stuff awaiting.
Demo 050.0: Download
Demo 052.0: Download
Shown at RareWareCentral back in March 2012, this build is a bit further than 040.2, but still far from complete.
Demo 052.1: Download A later build with debug features enabled. Also was put out on RWC.
Demo 061.0: Download
Demo 070.0: Download A much later build shown at the RWC site.
Demo 072.0: Download
Demo 8.0: Download This one is much further along into development, but still not complete enough.
Demo 8.4: Download
Demo 8.6: Download The last demonstration build shown at RWC. The game is nearing completion at this point, with only minor things left to fix here and there.
Demo 9.5: Download
Somewhat late build of the game. Still contains a number of differences(be them mostly minor, as this is near final)
Demo 10.0: Download
An fairly late version. Pretty much all of the game has been implemented at this point, but a few things are still absent/not complete.
Final V1.0: Download Original Version
Final V1.1: Download Fixes a few bugs, notably one in the first scene of the opening intro where having the music turned off still played the tune that comes after the "News-flash" sound.
Final V1.2: Download Fixes a bug introduced in V1.1 that makes the text in the coffee table book screen accidentally hidden behind the text border.
Final V1.3: Download  
Final V1.4: Download  
Final V1.5:
Final V1.6: Patches an fairly old bug in the opening intro that makes one of Kazooie's frames not display.
Final V1.7:  
Final V1.8: Download  
Final V1.8.1: Download Minor revision. Fixes a bug with the debug information display, and removes some redundant commenting in the code.
Final V1.9:Download This revision finally adds a way to save game progress. It also changes a minor error in the game text, updates the year in the copyrights to 2008-2015, and shrinks the game's debug code, almost effectively cutting off half a MB of space in the exe.
Final V1.9.1:Download Just some minor bug fixes and stuffs.
V2.0 WIP8:Download An early build of the V2.0 version that was posted on the MediEvil boards in the beginning of January 2019. The majority of bugs present in older versions have already been fixed. Only one of the end-world minigames have been implemented by this point. The new minigames don't even exist in this build.
Final V2.0:Download A major revision of the game which addresses a number of bugs and issues, and adds some new content to the game not found in the original versions.
Final V2.0.1:Download This minor revision fixes a few minor bugs that slipped into the V2.0 release. Also adds a new feature to the Coffee Table Book screens that makes sparkles appear on unlocked items that haven't been viewed yet. Volume level of sounds have also been adjusted a bit, and some minor changes to the game dialogue text.
Final V2.1:Download Fixes some minigame graphics, and optimizes the player object code a little.
Final V2.2:Download Fixes a few bugs that slipped into the V2.X versions, including one that has gone unnoticed since the first final version. Also adds some dust clouds when the foot/fist comes down in the 8th minigame as a toggleable feature, and optimizes the player object code a bit more.
Final V2.3:Download Fixes a couple bugs, and reduces the executable size by over 100KB.
Final V2.3.1:Download Fixes a few more bugs that slipped into the V2.X versions that made it impossible to obtain some concept art pieces, as well as not being able to obtain more treasures after having looked at at least one of them. Executable size also reduced by around 100KB
Final V2.3.2:Download Makes a couple of minor changes here and there that probably won't be too obvious to the player.
Final V2.3.3:Download Fixes a bug that's been around since the original release of the game, and re-renders the table on the alternate Staff Roll screen to better match the perspective of the sofa graphic. Also makes adjustments to a few other things in the game.
Final V2.4:Download Adds fade in/out screen transitions. Also adds the option of being able to lose coins and diamonds upon being hit by enemies. Also makes a few other changes to certain things, as well as fixing another bug that's been around since the original release.
Final V2.4.1:Download Fixes an extremely minor bug introduced in V2.4. A few floor tiles in the World 5 boss room have also been removed. A bit of code optimization has also been done