Unused graphics

This game has a decent amount of graphics buried inside that just simply isn't used. Below is a collection of gfx that went on the chopping block. Any sprite animations on this page are just a guess from my side on how they would've been animated in-game, had they actually been used.

Graphics not listed under any version number are likely to exist in all revisions of the game. Graphics that are exclusive to later versions will be listed as such.


Oh my garlic, there sure is a number of them in here...

An alternate victory pose for Kazooa, more akin to Wario's pose.

Kazooa picking her nose. Was intended to be shown on Kazooa throughout the intro.

Intended for the good ending, right as Kazooa says "better luck next time".

An unused idle animation for Kazooa. Her eyes blinking sure looks a bit exaggerated here. Was probably an early attempt at simulating Wario's facial expressions in Wario World.

Unused running animation from the scrapped "Run Kazooie Run" minigame.

Jumping animation, also from the "Run Kazooie Run" minigame.

An unused frame of Kazooa from the alternate staff credtis screen. Probably leftover from drawing.

Unfinished leftover sprites of Kazooa lifting a weight

Unused frames of Kazooa being frozen. Were to be part of an scrapped behavior mechanism.

The Sprite403 and Sprite404 graphics has a healthy dose of idle frames for Kazooa, finished, earlier, and base graphics.

Sideways Idle animations for Kazooa. Both sets were intended to be used if the player waits long enough.

The two leftmost frames are earlier and based on Kazooa's old sideways idle frame from earlier builds while the two rightmost ones are updates versions of the original sprites. The first frame of the third animation went on to be used as the left/right facing frames in later builds of the game.

A different take on one of the frames for the updated sideways idle animation shown above.

Different take on the "Kazooa tapping foot" idle animation, also based on the earlier sideways facing sprite seen from early prototypes.

Different take of the above animation. This is the only surviving frame though.

An idle animation for when the player faces the screen. No backwards-facing variation was created by the time these animations were scrapped.

The frames for this animation was buried within the frames of sprite404, one of several collections of base images still inside the game. The images seen in this gif had to be cleaned up by hand from this graphics file so only the animation itself is seen

Also buried within the base image sprites are several frames of Kazooa, which includes different takes on graphics used in the game, as well as completely unused ones.

An early idle animation for Kazooa. The frames intended for this animation was created before sprite242.

More unused Kazooa frames. The 2nd one was used as base for the downwards-running animation.

Early, unfinished variant of the sprite of Kazooa pulling her hair during the bad endings.

Variants of the used opening cutscene animations of Kazooa, with fully open eyes.

Unused sideways frames. In the leftmost one Kazooa has a more pointed beak, and her right eye is more to the right. The 2nd frame is a later version which ended up being used throughout most of the game's early development.

Early version of the first frame of Kazooa's throwing animation from the "Dumb-Crow Throw" Minigame.

Unused variant of one of Kazooa's talking frames from the opening cutscene.

Alternate take of one of Kazooa's frames from the fourth part of the ending cutscene. This one wen unused because I thought it looked weird.

A typical cartoonish bell weight. Was probably an early idea for Kazooa to lift something in the "Tough Breegull" minigame. In the final game she lifts a straight barbell instead.

A little detail to note is that the "100.T" text on the barbell was reused for the straight barbells, with the "1" having been touched up slightly.


The game's enemies also have their share of unused frames.

Frames of a Woodster enemy with a boxing glove. When approached it would have whipped up its boxing glove and punched the player. While this particular enemy was never implemented, the hammer wielding enemy World 3 is quite similar in terms of behavior, so the idea of having a close-range attacking enemy survived into the final game.

The tank enemy in World 5 was supposed to go in all four directions. In the final game it can only go right and left. These frames CAN be seen on the enemies page in the Coffee Table Book though.

Animations of the World 7 enemy walking up and down. In the final game it only walks right and left.

The World enemy thrusting its pitchfork to the left. In the final game only right-attacking enemies are present on the stages. No graphics of the enemy thrusting up and down were made.

Animations of an Woodster with an afro wig on its head. This was an early idea for the boss of world 3 which would have been dancing disco around the room, attacking the player with notes. and the player would have had defeated the boss by sending the notes back at it within the right moment. This, as well as the below sprites, is as far as the idea got though.

The projectile(s) the boss would've attacked the player with. In the final game the above world 3 boss can be encountered in one of the test rooms, but instead it sends thunderbolts at the player. All I can say about this oddity is I simply neglected(or forgot) to change the projectiles' sprite by the time the boss was scrapped.

Early version of the World 4 boss. The one found in the final game is 2x in size compared to these, and has a crown tacked on top.

The projectile spawned by the aforementioned unused boss. This Wario-alike booger was actually intended for use in the scrapped "Nose Cleaner" minigame, but for whatever reason I assigned this image to the projectiles spawned by the boss, probably as some sort of placeholder until the actual graphic had been made.

Unused animation of a solider enemy walking up.

Unused variant of the first frame for the world 6 boss's "hit" animation.

Frames of the world 6 enemies' hit animation leftover from drawing, showing the separate parts used to create the final animation

Unused monitor boss intended for World 3.

Woodster face that was going to be used on an tileset-based monitor display in the World 3 boss.

Early thunderbolt graphic.

The base graphics files also holds some unused sprites for enemies. They're not as many compared to Kazooa though.

An unused frame of the final game's World 3 boss seen from the back. In early prototypes, the boss was supposed to be some sort of crazed Woodster who had an odd obsession for monitor screens, hence the world's early monitor-theme which was eventually scrapped in favor of a space-theme.

An early variant of the Cloudstock enemy from world 2. This went unused because I thought it just didn't look right.

A image of boxing gloves that was used for the unused World 3 enemy. The top two was used while the lower two weren't.

Alternate take of the World 6 enemy's front-throwing sprite.

Early version of the Woodster enemies' "flying up" sprite, which almost resembles the graphics from early prototypes. Only difference is that its bottom are a much brighter shade of brown compared to the earlier builds, including Demo 040.2.

World scenery

Early design for the boundary sprite found in World 2.

First seen in earlier demos of the game, World 4 was to have a toy theme to it at one point. It got changed when the idea of a proper home world for the Wario nose enemies took more priority.

A Wario nose with a compressed mustache. This is from after the theme of World 4 changed. It was later changed to a booger in subsequent demo versions.

Monitor graphic.

Was going to be the original graphic for the monitors found throughout the the stages in world 3. They had to be replaced in the end due to epilepsy/seizure concerns. Moreover, as time went on I could no longer look at these images without feeling strange, so this graphic had to be dropped.

This image was meant to replace the above animation. Even so, when the monitor theme finally got dropped this one also went unused.

Animation of static, meant to be displayed every 2 seconds or so on the monitors in World 3. When sprite378 was still in use, this animation were created to hopefully reduce the risk of seizures. Looking back, it's rather doubtful as to whether this really helped matters at all. When sprite263 was created though I suppose it may have made quite a difference.

A toy block. The idea for the toy theme were to be resurrected for World 3. However, once again it never made the final game.

Bigger versions of the letters used in the above image.

Oddly colored rock. This was likely a placeholder image until the final graphic for World 3 was created.

Just a simple circle. Was used as a placeholder graphic for World 6 in early versions.

Early version of the snowman boundary graphic in World 6. Its head was redrawn to resemble Wario more closely.

A torch-ish platform for the flames in World 7 to be on top on. Can't remember the exact reason why this was scrapped, but probably it was to try and maintain as good a framerate as possible.


Early minigame choice graphics. This was once part of a set of base images where the minigame title graphics was being worked on. After a extensive graphics cleanup took place, this is the only image to have survived into the final game's files.

Logo for the scrapped "Run Kazooie Run!" minigame.

Logo for the scrapped "Money Paradise!" minigame.

Logo for the scrapped "Ya Road Hog!" minigame.

Logo for the scrapped "Nose Cleaner" minigame.

Obstacle graphic from Run Kazooie Run!.

Leftover graphic of a surprised face resembling Princess Peach. Something of interest to note here; Peach was supposed to appear in the Beach Surfer minigame as one of the various beach hazards. She had to be replaced with one of my own creations for two reasons; one, I thought it wouldn't feel right to some people to have an almost nude nintendo princess being bumped into by Kazooa. Secondly it was impossible to jump over her, the 2nd point being the more likely candidate for the sprite to be redrawn.

Coffee Table Book

A unfinished version of the N.E.S console treasure.

A early version of the Golden Wario Nose treasure.

Unused design of the Enemy page bookmark tab.

Leftover design template for the Treasure coin graphics.

Images for Minigames 6 to 8. They're not technically unused though, because by using the debug menu to unlock all the minigames these images will be added to the minigames page, and upon choosing either of them will take the player to one of the scrapped minigames. Under normal gameplay though it isn't possible to unlock these minigames, so I consider these unused by normal means.

It looks like the clipboard images from the Bloopers page on the Coffee Book screen. This particular sprite is unused though. The final game uses a shrunk version of this graphic as part of the tileset for the page titles.


A simple rectangle. It was used for properly positioning the letter graphics used in the cheats screen.

Intended to be used for the scrapped Password system. "Please" was removed from the logo used in earlier prototypes because it didn't fit on the display.

A button for generating a set of predefined passwords. Was never used in the end due to the Password feature having been reworked into the Cheats system for the final game

The old title screen logo from the earliest prototypes of the game.

Early "thumbs up" graphic for the cursor.

Enemy marker sprite.

Early status bar graphic.

Earlier version of the above graphic, with a slightly brighter shade of purple.

Extremely early status bar graphic. Indeed, it is the oldest one to remain in the game's files.

Unused clear star sprite. In early prototypes of Crower VS The Time(which has unfortunately been lost to time) collecting all time cells in a stage would have spawned this star at the starting spot, and the player would have needed to run back and touch this star to clear the level.

I once considered the same idea for Kazooa in The Treasure Land, only difference would be that rather than collecting all items, all the enemies would have to be defeated. Obviously I realized this would only be a waste of the player's time, and given that levels are timed having this sort of mechanic in the game would've lead to problems, so I wisely decided that the moment the player defeats the last enemy is when the stage ends.

Early dash graphic.

Larger version of the clock graphic seen on the status bar. The palette here is still different to the sprite used in the final game though.

A leftover graphic used for the status bar and the text box.

It's Uncle John with his full body! There's a few differences here compared to the final; his glasses have fancier reflection, and the back hair is absent. This is a bit hard to notice, but his hair also has a lighter yellow tone compared to the final sprite.

The Coffee Table Book without the Wario mustache on it.

A graphic saying "END". Was intended for a game results screen similar to Wario Land II.

Early version of the "reportage" image used in the intro.

A full-color version of the picture seen in the last intro screen.

Unused variations of the garlic sitting on Kazooa's table.

Larger variant of the mines found throughout World 5. Was never used due to its size, and not looking as good as the smaller mines.