Unused graphics

Yes, this game's got some unused backgrounds(or pieces of them) as well.


The background and various tiles intended for the scrapped "Ya Road Hog!" minigame. Most of the road tiles is actually leftover from an earlier version of the minigame.

Foreground pieces for the scrapped "Run Kazooie! Run" minigame.

Palm tree foreground graphic for the "Beach Surfer" minigame. In the final game a sprite graphic is used instead.

World Scenery

A small collection of unused stage backgrounds. The first image is the background from World 7, only rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise. The second one is a slightly brighter version of the World 4 background. The third image is a much earlier version of the World 4 background, being based on the background from World 7, only recolored to look more like flem or snot.

A unused tileset intended for World 3, from when those stages still had a monitor-theme to them.


The water from the "Flying Dumb-Crow" minigame and stage 3 of World 2, only a much more brighter shade of blue.

Unused, and roughly drawn water wave graphic for the Staff Roll screen.

Early background for the first screen of the ending cutscene.

Early noise graphics intended for the TV seen in the episode select menu.


Within the trash folder is a few more unused background pieces.

The floor graphic from screens such as the main menu with thicker lines. Even then, it's still quite different from the graphic used.

Some sort of graphic for testing out seamless tiling of the floor graphic.

Early variant of background33, shifted a couple pixels to the left, with the color for the transparent part being the same as the background

Early graphics for the door seen in cutscenes such as the opening and ending

Early tile graphic for the Coffee book screens

A rough sketch of the above tile graphic.

A preliminary outline of the Wario-nose background seen on the Coffee table book screens, without the moustache.

Very early graphic for one of the bottom corners of the coffee book screens.