Jigglypuff GTS screenshots

With the VG/AC GTS forums finally having the plug pulled, I thought now's a good time to give my Jiggly GTS snapshots a more permanent home.

The intent with this page is to address the lack of Jigglypuff shots left by the Brawl GTS snapshots page on the VGGTS site. Since future submissions are no longer accepted, this page is my solution to this tiny little problem that Jiggly's been facing when it comes to Brawl.

Please note that this page in no way intends to pick on the webmaster of both VGGTS and ACGTS sites over such a simple issue like this. I made this page mainly to gather my snapshots all in one place, and to show that there's at least someone out there who have made several Jiggly GTS shots back in the early days of Brawl.