Welcome to the personal website of LucybonesSquirrel(or ConkerGuru, if you're more familiar with my former username seen on other sites I've been to). On this site you will find quite a diverse lot of things, ranging from drawings and comics, projects(both old and new, and those future ones I'm thinking about making), and some other stuff.


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January 13 2019 23.35:

Finally got up all my pages with Game Maker artworks and models. They can be found here and here if you wanna have a look at the stuff I made and had on mind over the years.

January 11 2019 12.58:

Decided to update my GameMaker page to add some new game prototypes, a minor revision version or two for some games, and change some of the text.

There's still a number of things I need to add to the page, but it will have to do for now.

I'll also be working on getting my other GM related pages up, which will detail and showcase the many things and concepts/ideas for some of my games that either made it or was never used, or never got made into a game.

February 17 2018 22.11:

I'm alright, and so is this site as well.

If you haven't read the posts on my Tumblr page yet, I have recently started to reveal some development stuff from my Game Maker days, ranging from projects that were completed, cancelled, or just never got past conceptual stage. As a result I've also been looking back on some of my older games and play them, and offering my thoughts on some of the ideas that went into them, and things I nowadays wish I've done differently.

With all this now becoming a thing of mine, I now see the need to redo the Game Maker page on this site. I wanted to get to it a couple years ago, but due to other things taking up my time it sorta got pushed aside. Along with tidying up the page I will also be making a page listing all the development stuffs and ideas I had on mind for those games of mine.

I also plan to do things to other pages on this site after I get all of the above done. Those changes or updates will be coming in my own time though.

December 15 2017 23.16:

A new page for my new text-based series Wario bro's and Maya the Bee is now available(right on this page)

Because I'm now taking people who speaks english into account as well, the story currently available has also been translated. Wario himself won't be figuring in this new series btw, mainly because of one thing; Wario was rarely the main centerpiece of Wario Show, compared to the other guys.

None the less, I'm really hoping to develop the Wario bro's and Maya the Bee series further, and also utilize ideas that weren't used in that other creation of mine.

October 9 2017 21.04:

I put together a page for all the GTS(Giantess) stories I've written so far(available on this page).

I felt it was needed to make the page by now, especially since I'm considering to start checking some of my stories for any minor errors that likely won't be corrected for the stories already submitted to the AC/VG GTS World sites (mostly amounts to spelling fixes, missing text, and so on).

June 14 2017 23.46:

Decided to finally post all the stories I've written of The Wario Show series (It is all available on this page). Also includes a few stories that weren't finished.

Updates have been far and few this year, I know. I'm thinking about rummaging through the site files and do some minor cleanup here and there on some pages, since there are likely many things that needs to be updated by now.

Also thinking about ditching the old-style website themes from the Lazy Lucy page, mainly because I think it would take some burden off of my shoulders, and I'd only need to focus on getting the revamped page together. I really need to get the new page out there by now.

November 8 2016 19.54:

Nothing much of importance to most of you maybe, but I really need to get this off my chest now; You see, back in 2014 I said I was going to drop game design in order to focus more on interests that I've been wanting to pursue for a long time. After a couple of months after having quit it though I decided to resume making games again, knowing it very well that maybe if my new project(s) weren't of such a big scope then I could do it.

Fast forward two years later, and I still haven't finished either of what I started back then. And as of late I've been feeling pressured once again to finish off my work due to certain changes in my life. With my Tiny Toons game I know it very well now that it likely isn't going to go anywhere further in development unless I find a fix for pushing objects against slopes. The following options I have been thinking of so far; 1. Try to fix the bug somehow within the current code for the player and enemy object(s), 2. Ditch the current platformer code and have the objects utilize the platformer scripts from the Finite States Engine example, or 3. cancel any further development on the project and consider my work done.

The third option seems like the most easy one. I'am going to feel guilt for having to pull the plug on it, since I promised that it would be finished someday. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not even next month or year, but someday the game would eventually be completed.

Unfortunately, things come to an end at some point. I'm not young anymore, and I've got other things of my interest that I'd really like to resume again, and putting those interests aside just to keep myself slave to doing projects in Game Maker isn't going to help me anywhere in life. I just don't have the same level of energy and dedication (and time, first and foremost) to focus on Game Maker. I want to move on in life to things that could benefit myself more, and Game Maker I can say isn't that sort of thing anymore. I also want to be able to feel that I can... well, just take a break and relax whenever I want to.

So with these things on mind, and having felt nothing more but inner pressure as of late as a result of using Game Maker again, I now feel it's time for me to throw in the towel and consider my Tiny Toons project done(even if there still is a lotta things left to be implemented).

I'm still not too sure about this decision, but considering that I've been using Game Maker for almost over 10 years now, and that I have by this point gotten all the projects I wanted to finish done, maybe the time has come for me to move on to something else.

In the event I do decide to drop my work on this project though, I have another, much more smaller project of mine currently in development that I hope to be releasing in place of the Tiny Toons one to make up for its cancellation. After that game is done though, I will be leaving Game Maker behind me for good, for real this time.

Anyway, aside from the above message, I've been resuming my work on the new version of my Conker website again. Still a number of things left to do before it'll go live, but let's hope it will all pay off in the end.

July 4 2016 20.38:

Modified a couple details in the Lazy Lucy section of the Concepts and Ideas page, because I've made a few changes to the episodes list over the years, and the fact that there already were a 2nd season during the original run(at least for the german version though).

July 4 2016 19.16:

Appears that things in life got in my way of making updates to this site.

I think I shall explain a bit on what happened; Back in october last year my back started getting bad, and over time the pain grew worse. Over the course of this year I've been trying to get it better again, and so far It's going overall good despite some minor spurts of aching from time to time. But I won't waste your time talking about that.

Anyway, I realize there's some things on this site that needs updating, including an CSS update to the Lazy Lucy page I started working on last year.

I also started work on a new game project; a PC port of Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Bad Dream for the GBA(released under the title Scary Dreams in the US). So far it's been going pretty well, except for a few issues with characters interacting with sloped terrain while pushing each other. You can read more about this project on the Game Maker page.

July 24 2015 11.39:

Apologise terribly for not having made any updates in a while. Got busy with other things in life.

I might as well start to polish up a few pages on this site, because some things are a little outdated, and a bit in a mess as well.

May 3 2015 22.32:

Been a few months since anything has really happened on here. So, what has been done for tonight's update? Well, the page about Lazy Lucy has seen a little reorganisation, with the version differences bit now having it's own page.

The videos page also has been fixed up a bit, replacing that silly Youtube Playlist with a list of episodes that can be watched on the site(videos are from my Dailymotion account).Lastly, a new page chronicling the development of Lazy Lucy has also been started, covering general information, and possibly some concept stuff. Not much is on the page though, but for now enjoy what is in there.

February 26 2015 15.05:

Started to restructure the Game Maker page a bit. It is still a bit messy atm, but it should eventually look better.

January 15 2015 21.01:

New version of Kazooie in the Treasure Land added to Game Maker page, which adds a much deserved save feature, and compressing the debug code by lots, removing lots of redundant lines in it.

January 4 2015 22.07:

Tiny Toon Adventures: DotU GTS page updated with yet more cheat device codes(also replacing the original Player pointer codes with fixed versions), and two new GTS videos.

December 30 2014 01.02:

Some new cheat device codes added to the Tiny Toon Adventures: DotU GTS page.

December 22 2014 21.38:

It has certainly been awhile now, has it?

Anyway, what you're in now is the new version of the site. I wasn't really much happy about the previous design, so I decided to revamp it entirely, but within reason; the previous site version, while being good enough, did exhibit various flaws, like the maintainability of content and design not being easy enough. The other being the background within the contents area; while the text could be read, it wasn't really exactly crystal clear. Lastly, it just didn't look very good.

Based on the above points, the background in the contents area were removed, also seeing the site background being changed yet again(and with that this website are from now on a site about me and my stuff, and not about some fictional character of mine). I also switched my web dev enviroment from Kompozer to Microsoft Expression Web 4, due to it not mangling with the html code like Kompozer does. Kompozer will still be used for my other websites for the time being until I decide to revamp them to use CSS.

But what about the positives with the redesign? Well, a random image is displayed on top of the page after each pageload, and there is also an entirely new page in the Everything else section(yes, I had the Anything else page renamed as well.), focusing on giant girls in a unreleased Tiny Toon Adventures game for the PS2. Go and check it out if you're one of those Tiny Toon fans out there, and/or have a thing for GTS and such.