Homebrew Game Concept art

Artworks related to ideas for homebrew video games(Mostly for the Nintendo 64), including ideas that weren't utilized for various reasons.

All the things listed on this page was created by and is (c) LucybonesSquirrel, and cannot be used in commercial productions or be made profit from in any way. Permission to use the info and images on this page for non-commercial purposes is granted however, as long as credit is given where it's due.

Project Priscilla

This game was going to be kinda based on Ristar for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, only featuring different characters(as has been usual for games made by myself). However, the project was canned before any development started. Only artworks exist of this game.

Just some artwork of the little chick from the Calimero series, Priscilla, demonstrating some of her idle poses, as well as some of the moves she would've had in the game.

This is all the art I managed to draw. The project was put on hold, and then slowly but quietly cancelled because I lost interest on it, and open source N64 sdks had yet to mature by the time I was thinking of this idea. Even to this day there's barely any tools available to aid in developing homebrew. Even though this game was and isn't going to happen, I still remain hopeful that one day I will be able to make my own homebrew game for the console, and I mean a game that isn't just another Doom port or some simple memory matching game... not that I have anything against those. It's just getting tiring for me to see such stuff being made or ported over to the N64 when there's so much more potential to be harnessed from the console.


Seeing my previous idea (Project Priscilla) fall into the drawer of ideas that never went anywhere, I decided to try think of something else.

Going for a much darker atmosphere this time, I found one of my newly created characters, Hilda, to be the perfect fit for my first N64 homebrew project. The first idea I came to think of was back in November 2018; the game's atmosphere would be based around the video game Malice for the PS2 and Xbox, but using the cancelled PSX version as a starting point.

With no real progress on the Libdragon, Libn64, or even N64chain toolchains, time went by. In January 2019 I got myself a little into the world of MediEvil again, and no sooner would I hit on the idea to borrow some influences from the first MediEvil game and incorporate them into my Hilda project. However, the fact that the game hadn't even begun development yet, and with second thoughts about making a game otherwise unrelated to MediEvil borrowing some influences from it, meant nothing to me.

In June 2019, I started playing Zelda; Majora's Mask(N64). It was at this point that my mind would be tumbling with ideas that never really got off the ground due to there not being any promising open source N64 toolchains around. This time, the game would be almost set back to the whole "Malice" thing, only incorporating a more original game world, and also borrow certain elements from Majora's Mask like the use of masks, and the time limit. It also would have featured more heavier themes like characters suffering from certain events over and over again during the same three-day cycle. I only managed to draw a single piece of artwork from this sort of period of mine.

However, as now seems to be an neverending cycle for me of not being able to program my own homebrew game, this idea have also been tossed aside. At this point I'm not even sure of what to do to make my game finally come to life. I'm still waiting for a more promising alternative to Libdragon, and it's kinda bringing my mood down to see my ideas never being realized due to the lack of any good and usable N64 homebrew development tools.

As time keeps on going, I gradually want my little game to become more and more dark in nature. The entire game always being set at night I think will be kept from its "MediEvil-ish" period. Any other details about the project and its current state... has yet to be seen.

Artworks currently existing of this project: