GTS Stories

Believe or not, but besides The Wario Show and so on, I've also been having a hand at writing Giantess-themed stories.

Now, before one jumps into any assumptions, I often try to depart from the type of stories most story authors tend to do, and the usual sources where inspiration is often taken from. I also don't write any sequels to previous GTS stories of mine.

Most of these stories will be gentle(or at least that's what I try to make them), and that's something I'll be striving for.

The stories listed on this page are also hosted on the VG/AC GTS World sites. Unlike on there though, my stories on this page may see a few corrections here and there whenever I'll spot them. Even though I do my best to make sure little to no errors are present, there's some of them that may in one way or another go unnoticed, and in most cases these errors will remain in the stories submitted to VG/AC GTS World. That won't be the case on this site though.

Mickey Mouse Series

Devil Pluto's Revenge

Mickey comes over to Minnie's house and asks her to take care of Pluto for the day. She agrees to watch over him while Mickey's away, since she hasn't had anything else planned at the moment. After having given Pluto the food provided by Mickey and given him his bath she suddenly falls asleep on the couch while reading a book. Just then Pluto's inner devil suddenly appears, looking for a way to give back at Pluto's inner angel(and the whole world in general). He decides to call Minnie's inner devil to assist him in his latest plans. Together they manage to shrink Pluto and even gain control of Minnie's mind, and they use her to their advantage to find Pluto and destroy him.

The Beauty Fashion Contest

Minnie is planning on taking part in a beauty fashion contest, and brings her boyfriend Mickey along to be her supporter. Before leaving for the contest, to save herself time she decides to order a device that will make her into the most beautiful woman of the world, but makes a mistake during the process. After having herself fixed up by the machine Minnie suddenly starts to grow to giant size. To make matters worse, after a little goof on Mickey's part, when the contest begins Daisy is planning to make Mickey and Minnie fail the contest so she can claim the prize trophy for herself, an act of hers that will likely glue things up.

Shrunk at Minnie's House

Mickey Mouse is going to the grocery shop to buy food for himself for the coming weekend. Minnie Mouse is also in the same store, and her shopping bag is so full that several things fall out of it. Mickey sees this and proceeds to bring the dropped things back to Minnie, but during the run he ends up bumping himself into a nearby store shelf, causing it to fall down on him. A little while later Mickey wakes up from his blackout, and is shocked to find himself in the house of Minnie, and being shrunk as well. Despite this he decides to explore around in her house, and from this point on Mickey has little idea of what things will be awaiting him.

Calimero Series (1992)

NOTE: The settings of these stories are based on the anime series of Calimero from the early 90's. As such, Calimero is wearing his red vest, Pierrot has his red cap and blue jacket, and the characters Suzy and Rosita also appears in the stories.

Priscilla's Tiny Date

Calimero has promised Priscilla to go out on a date with her at the cafeteria in town. But after going into the flower shop to buy his girlfriend some flowers things starts to go awry for him, as he no sooner starts to shrink. Worse yet, he's getting late, and is forced to hurry up to get to his date in time. After Priscilla discovers Calimero in his shrunken state, she decides it is best to find a way to get Calimero back to normal size, an task that will be easier said than done...

Shrunken Calimero

While on a walk by himself Calimero finds a strange device that looks like a blaster gun. Curious about it, he takes it to the Green Team's headquarters to show it to his friends. However, Calimero is struck by a beam shot out by the gun when Pierrot pulls the trigger, and over time starts feeling unwell to the point of having to go to bed early. The next morning Calimero wakes up to find himself shrunk on his own bed, leading Priscilla and the others to believe he has mysteriously disappeared.

Valeriano's Biggest Affection

Calimero and his friends are playing baseball in the park. Valeriano is about to hit the ball until he sees a young girl pass by, and before he knows it he is hit on the head by the ball, making him lose the game. On their way back home Valeriano is still thinking about the girl he saw in the park. The next morning Valeriano is sitting in front of his bedroom window, looking out for the girl. He eventually sees her passing by their building. She waves up to him and calls out his name. After making it out of the building they both greet each other and walks away to a far off place. What Valeriano doesn't know is the girl has a little surprise for him. Meanwhile Rosita can't shake away the thought of Valeriano cheating on her, and decides to teach Valeriano a lesson when he returns again, but not without first showing the other girl he's been with who's the biggest one around.

Demetan Croaker

Ranatan's BIG Wish(upcoming)

After an argument with her father regarding his view on Demetan and his parents(and not to mention it has gone too far), Ranatan has finally had enough. At night she sits up late staring out of the window in her bedroom. She makes a wish upon seeing a falling star; to be the biggest princess frog on Rainbow pond. Having made her wish, she then goes to sleep. The next morning Ranatan is about to leave her home, but her father reminds her not to return home late, and to NEVER meet Demetan or bring him with her home. Rather than getting into another argument, Ranatan abides to her fathers requests and leaves. After being outside for a while Ranatan's wish soon comes true. She grows about 8 feet tall and stops at this height. Ranatan sees enjoyment in her new size and sets herself out to help those in need. However, it proves to be difficult, since everyone around her is now scared of her, including her friend Demetan. As if that weren't enough, her new size, while scaring away bullies and predators, also causes trouble for those around her, since she now easily trips over things, causing her to try be more careful wherever places she goes. Can Ranatan cope with living a life being bigger than everyone else, or is this a wish that she'll come to regret making?

Note: This will be my very first story to depart from any kind of comedy, instead being told with both sad and sometimes quite sadistic moments.