Game Maker

Here you will be able to download any of all the games I have made. Right now I'm hosting them within the site itself. If it turns out they take up too much storage space, I may have to reconsider hosting them on file sharing sites(without any limits imposed on the files uploaded). I tend to keep early builds of my games as well, as I know they might come important to the beta and unseen scene at some point in the future.


Project 67


One of my first GM games. I made this back in early 2006. It may play a bit strange to some, and certain bugs are present. Debugging features are also enabled, and the game has no title screen.

Version: Info

Project 67 Land

An game whose graphics style is loosely based on Super Mario Land for Gameboy, but featuring lots of jumping across platforms. A colorized version were made as well.

Download coming soon

Project 67 Land Remake


A remake of the above game, but using the colorized version as base, improving some aspects of it, adding a title screen and a highscore table, omission of a few things, and replacing some graphics.

Version: Info
Final V1: Download Original release.
Final V1.1: Download Added jumping sprites for the player character, and fixing a small glitch when landing on a platform.

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game


Don’t mistake this as an regular puzzle game, like Tetris. While it has the word Tetris in it’s title, the concept is not about lining up a row of blocks to make them disappear from the screen, but to try prevent any falling blocks from hitting the ground. Catching all the blocks in a room advances the player to the next one. If an block hits ground, or you get hit by a missile, you’ll lose a life. Clearing all rooms let’s you enter your name at the highscore table. After closing the highscore table, the game restarts from the beginning again.

Being the first game in the series, it is quite simple, and also has somewhat acceptable difficulty. The game has no title screen.

Version: Info
V1.4: Download

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game 2


The sequel to the original game. The concept is exactly the same, only this time there’s 3 bonus levels in addition to the ordinary rooms. The player can now jump, and climb ladders(though upwards only). Though with the added controls, the game became ridden with collision detection glitches(due to the player object not having a mask sprite), debug functions were accidentally left enabled(well, i did that on purpose), and with music ripped directly from the NES version of Krusty’s Fun House, one would likely become utterly frustrated with the music playing in the background(it can be turned off, though each time an piece of music plays, it has to be turned off again.). Anyway, it’s all up to you if you can stand the music or not. If it gets you on the nerves, then either turn it off, or just play the game without any sound.

The remake of this game has solved all this, and all of the sounds in the original were replaced with different ones, including the Krusty’s Fun House music, which now is sequenced midi music from Rare games(Battletoads, and Killer Instinct). The glitches have been fixed. And the debug functions are disabled by default(can be enabled again via a cheat code that grants access to a small debug menu). Other enhancements include new graphics, and title screens.

Version: Info
V1.2: Download

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game Remake


An remake of the original game. The additions include a title screen, different graphics, and two new pieces of music, replacing the original track.

Version: Info
Version 2.1.0: Download

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game 2 Remake


Remake of the 2nd game. This version has several additions and stuffs, like a new title screen(and an nice little intro before that). Music has been replaced, including sounds. Graphics has been redrawn, collision glitches fixed, and the debug functions has been disabled in the final game.

Version: Info
Revision 2: Download

Dumb Crows First Side Scrolling Adventure


My first and actual platform game. Unfortunately, it's got alot of glitches, and the storyline as depicted in the game information window doesn't really match with the gameplay. Can't say this thing's my best work, but we all have had been newbies once, and usually one learns from his/her mistakes. Anyway, it is available below for download incase you want to try it out.

Version: Info

Crower VS The Time


One of my last experimental game projects that actually turned into a game. This game stars an limbless Dumb-Crow named Crower, who, according to the game storyline, has in an weird fate fallen asleep while playing some videogames that he gotten at some flea market(Ok, i made up the last bit. That Crower fellow really got those games at some lottery), but strangely can’t wake up on his own, so his inner ego is now called to help wake himself up.

The game was first known as Dumb-Crow VS The Time, and were later changed to Crower VS The Time. Development of this game started at the end of August 2006, and lasted towards February 2008(about 3 years lesser than Kazooie in The Treasure Land). I even made an version with the game text translated into english as well, that only took me a couple hours on a single night to accomplish. Looking back on this game, it sure has it’s flaws. But it was kinda rushed to completion, so some things were cut from the game, like the option to play some minigames after having completed the game(it’s sister difficulty levels included), an level select screen(which would have been accessed via an cheat code), and a few more stuffs. Even an rotating tip-box object was planned(for providing hints about certain stuff), but alas was left out, as I never saw any use for it anywhere in the game. An ending for the game’s Super-Hard mode were to be included in the game, but had to be dropped for reasons beyond my own recalling.

Several other games sprung up from this game as well during it’s development, such as an spinoff, and a sequel,  neither of which saw completion… apart from one game, Kazooie in The Treasure Land, which was pretty much built from this game(with heeeavy modifications, of course). But it has nothing in relation to this game in any way, even if some things look similar between them.

I'm currently working on a update to this old game which intends to address issues I found with it as of late. The entire game will be revamped, which includes art, sound, and so on

Version: Info
Final V1.6 (Original swedish version): Download
English Version: Download

Kazooie in The Treasure Land


Kazooie in The Treasure Land was an project of mine that at first didn't seem to see any end. Originally developed with version 6.1 of Game Maker, very much trouble surfaced during my time working on this title. As you may notice when you play the game, the game has many visual references to Wario, and the intro and outro cutscenes are clearly inspired by Wario: Master of Disguise.

Clearly, this was the game that almost turned my life upside down, mostly due to an unneccessary number of problems and issues, leading to some features being cut from the game. But there were also other projects of mine that were more or less responsible for that.

An update to the game labeled "V2.0" is currently in the works. The goal with this version is to solve some bugs and issues that has been plaguing the game for a long time.

Cheat codes:
As it has been a fair while since the game's release, I will now share all of the cheat codes contained in the game. Not all of them are codes just for pure cheating though. To enter them in the game, go to the options screen, and choose "Cheats". You will be taken to a screen where you can enter codes. List of codes are below(they only work for the final version of the game, including revisions and the near last builds of the game):

Access Debug Menu C8GQI
Unlock all Episodes X62FV
have 500 coins when starting a level 5KRDQ
have 60 diamonds when starting a level UEÅ2J
Have 50000 coins and 600 diamonds in totals 6LB0A
Have all Treasures MZÄ26
Unlock All Cutscenes(Excludes Bloopers) HR1Ö5
Have All Minigames 92K8E
Have every enemy and boss in Coffee Book 6NE33
Enemies and bosses in "Times Beaten:" have a number of 586. SW6PU
Everything unlocked QG9ÄD
Change snore bubble to booger with Warionose(main menu) NSWAI
Replace normal TV picture in title screen with a Wario picture W8ARÅ

What the heck is this "Debug Menu"??

Various versions of the game can be downloaded below. Early Demo versions will also be on their way. Download links with "Final VX.X"(X.X being the revision number) are the final version of the game, while ones with "demo" are development versions that I kept throughout my time working on the project, and might contain different, incomplete, or broken elements and features.

Version: Info
Demo 0.1: Download One of the earliest builds of the game, back when it started conversion from Crower VS The Time to Kazooie in the Treasure Land.
Demo 0.2: Download Similar to 0.1, only a few things had changed.
Demo 0.3: Download The last build made in 2008. It is still mostly Crower VS The Time, but the "time cells" have now been changed into coins, the title logo has been updated, among a couple other minor things. The game wouldn't see any more progress until in late 2009, starting with Demo 0.4.
Demo 0.8: Download One of the earlier versions of the game. A majority of things are different/unfinished, and the fourth world have entirely different level layouts.
Demo 040.2(Demonstration Build): Download
This is the version that were shown at deviantART back in December 2011. It is certainly quite early into development, and has many differences compared to final. Normally only the first three levels can be played, but by using a debug cheat code there's a ton more stuff awaiting.
Demo 052.0: Download
Shown at RareWareCentral back in March 2012, this build is a bit further than 040.2, but still far from complete.
Demo 052.1: Download A later build with debug features enabled. Also was put out on RWC.
Demo 8.0: Download This one is much further along into development, but still not complete enough.
Demo 9.5: Download
Somewhat late build of the game. Still contains a number of differences(be them mostly minor, as this is near final)
Demo 10.0: Download
An fairly late version. Pretty much all of the game has been implemented at this point, but a few things are still absent/not complete.
Final V1.0 Original Version
Final V1.1: Download Fixes a few bugs, notably one in the first scene of the opening intro where having the music turned off still played the tune that comes after the "News-flash" sound.
Final V1.2: Download Fixes a bug introduced in V1.1 that makes the text in the coffee table book screen accidentally hidden behind the text border.
Final V1.3: Download  
Final V1.4: Download  
Final V1.5:
Final V1.6: Patches an fairly old bug in the opening intro that makes one of Kazooie's frames not display.
Final V1.7:  
Final V1.8: Download  
Final V1.8.1: Download Minor revision. Fixes a bug with the debug information display, and removes some redundant commenting in the code.
Final V1.9:Download This revision finally adds a way to save game progress. It also changes a minor error in the game text, updates the year in the copyrights to 2008-2015, and shrinks the game's debug code, almost effectively cutting off half a MB of space in the exe.
Final V1.9.1:Download Just some minor bug fixes and stuffs.

Dumb Crow's Bomb Blast


Originally intended as a spinoff title to Crower VS the Time titled Crower Super Rumble Bomb Blast. The game was renamed to Dumb Crow's Super Crazy Blast when development shifter over to GM 7.0. During that time the game was going to be more ambitious in design and content than it ended up being, and was even supposed to have multiplayer support. The game was put aside during the middle of 2008. Several years later the project was revived, development shifted back to GM6.1, and received another name change, now simply being titled Dumb Crow's Bomb Blast. The decision to drop previously planned features was also made to help speed up progress. It got a little rushed to completion during it's last few days of development, as I wanted very badly to work with other things. Still, it is available below for anyone to try out.

Version: Info
Demo 2.1: Download A late build of the game. But there are still a number of big differences lurking around in this particular demo
Final V1.1: Download

Dumb Crow's Tetris Blast


First starting out life as a sequel to the previous two games in the Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game series, it soon departed from the original formula, and got reworked into the game now known as Dumb Crow's Tetris Blast. It was put on hold in 2010. After about 3 years work on the project resumed. The game was to be slightly longer, but got cut down to roughly 9 levels so it could be done quick enough. Anyway, unlike the first two games, this game has the player destroy all the blocks laid out in levels(except bosses), while also trying to survive incoming bomb attacks from a flying Wood-Stock. This game is not as easy as it may sound like, and may take a while or so to complete.

Version: Info
Final V1.1: Download
Final V1.2: Download Fixes a couple glitches, most notably one that makes the third and final boss not drop anymore dynamites after it's hit points number reaches below 6. Also adds english translations to the game information window text.
Final V1.3: Download Fixes a glitch that slipped through testing after the final exe were compiled, that allows the player to continue playing the game regardless if or not the player got a Game Over. Also fixes the depth of certain game objects(like the smaller blocks that get created by a destroyed block, and the projectiles a enemy throws at the player). The fifth level also had a tiny change in objects placement to make it a bit easier.

Project 67


This game came about in the summer of 2006 under the name Project 67 World, and like the majority of my projects, it was canned. I came to pick it up again in 2012, hoping to give my Project 67 character another chance. I later came to regret this decision though, and in my attempts at getting it done fast enough, it also meant having to abandon a number of ideas and concepts, like cutscenes and so on. The game length was also considerably cut down to just a few levels as a result. Looking at it now, it does feel a bit rushed. Anyway, download below incase you'd like trying it out.

Version: Info
V1: Download Original version.


Earthworm Jim Demo


My first attempt at making a game. Due to the fact that i yet had to learn the basics of Game Maker, this project turned out rather awkward, and so it were scrapped. It has it’s share of bugs, and earlier demos of this game are sure EVEN worse when it comes to bugs. No, you didn’t read it wrong, demos in earlier states i do have of this game.

Download coming soon

Croc Remake


A game I worked on 3 days before development of Kazooie’s Bad Strange day began. Was intended to be a kind of remake of the GBC version of Croc; Legend of The Gobbos, but with several new additions and changes. Work on it was abandoned in the middle of 2009 in order to work on further projects. It didn’t get very far in development before being cancelled though.

Version: Info
Demo V.0-6: Download (.rar)

Happser the Woodpecker's Quest

Happser TWQ_pic1.png

This is the game that Kazooie’s Bad Strange Day originally was. Development on this didn’t go very fast, so the last build that were ever made barely have any content. I later retooled this thing into the likewise scrapped game as first mentioned. Was scrapped because of feedback from those who played the demo.

Version: Info
Demo 1: Download
Demo 2: Download

Kazooie's Bad Strange Day


This is a game I started working on in 2007, and has after a couple years seen nothing but slowdown in it's progress, ultimately ending up being cancelled on december 18 2009. I'm providing the downloads to this game here so you can try it out. The most recent version ( is very buggy, and are barely playable due to the player starting positions in levels not being properly set. The builds earlier than are less faulty, and can be played more extensively.

Version: Info
Demo 9.0 -3: Download (.7z)
Demo (December 15 2009): Download (.7z) A backup of Demo from when the player object wasn't set to be persistent across rooms. Can be played more extensively than the final build
Demo Download (.7z)

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game 3


One of the early experimental games that i worked on. It was to be a sequel to the other two previous games of the same name in the series, but was cancelled due to too little attention towards working on the project, and that things got too messy. I later reworked this game into Dumb Crow's Tetris Blast, a game with more different features and visuals, and dropping the "3" from the title.

Version: Info
Demo 1.4b: Download

Kazooie and Yoshi


Just a little something i begun work on after having been caught into the world of Ren and Stimpy. Development went very quick on this, and it presented quite many gameplay mechanics that often was absent in most Game Maker games. Unfortunately, work on it ceased because of a number of gameplay bugs. Not sure if ever i’ll restart this again.

Version: Info
Demo 2.6: Download

Applelin: Canvas Terror


A game I began working on in 2006, but changed its direction in 2011 in an attempt to distance it from my other games I made or was still working on at the time. It was going to be based on the game Kirby: Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS. One major difference compared to that game is that this game would've used traditional controls instead of "touch screen" controls.

It may have been cancelled for now, but in the future I might pick it up again... or I may not. It depends on how I really feel about myself taking on this project again. If I do though, I may make major changes to it so the game won't be too much of a Kirby-like game.

Anyway, download's below if you wanna try this game out. Do realize that it is in a fairly incomplete state, and was left that way at the time of its cancellation. Expect to see stuff that are unpolished, incomplete, or just simply don't work.

Version: Info
Demo 1.6: Download

In Progress:

Tiny Toons: Buster's Bad Dream(put on hold for the time being!)


My attempt at porting a Gameboy Advance game to PCs. Compared to the original game, it will be a little more than just a remake or port; the partner characters are going to be playable. Defeated enemies will now be dropping powerups at random. Story cutscenes will be remade in the style of the in-game graphics(the original scenes are still going to be viewable in some way), and controls are somewhat improved(mostly due to programming differences).

Several modes are also planned for this game, including an endless-mode in which the player fight enemies after enemies until the player's health drops. Some characters will also be unlockables as well

Version: Info
Demo 1.2: Download The first playable build of the game to be released. Only Mr. Hitcher, the second boss of the game, is available to fight.
Demo 1.8: Download A newer build that's a bit more fleshed out. Player can now tap a direction to run, and more attacks can be performed.

The partner characters can now be played as(expect to see placeholder animations for now until the custom sprites for them have been made).

Four areas are available normally to the player in this version; Stage 1, Stage 4, Stage 6, and the 2nd boss.

Kazooa's Woods


Kazooa's Woods puts the player in control of a little girl named Lucy, who has to rid the woods of the Wood-Stocks employed by Kazooa The Seagull who has taken over the forest for her own... A little bit like Wario's Woods, only featuring different characters and such.

Kazooa's Woods will be based on the NES version of Wario's Woods (with the soundtrack from the NTSC version), and this game is intended to be my swan song, meaning the last title of mine to ever be developed with the Game Maker program. After this game I may very well retire myself from using that program, at least when it comes to making games. This doesn't include my updated versions of Crower VS the Time and Kazooa in The Treasure Land, since I'm doing those mostly for fun, and I feel that they could see some changes and fixes here and there.

Who knows, when I get this game done, and as N64 homebrew development libraries start to mature and become more usable, I may consider porting this game to the Nintendo 64. The code would obviously need to be rewritten from scratch since there's hardly any tools available to aid in the creation of homebrew games for the platform that doesn't depend on the official, but illegal Nintendo 64 SDK.

The download link can be found below. At the moment this game is in quite a primitive state. The main body of the game has mostly been defined, but I'm still struggling with actually figuring out how best to implement the puzzle gameplay mechanics. Hopefully I'll be getting some assistance with this, since I've never made any sort of puzzle games before. I have made early attempts at making puzzle games, but those just simply didn't work out due to my limited knowledge at the time. This game may be my first and last one to ever be a puzzle game of any kind.

Version: Info
Demo05: Download Barebones demo build of the game. Debug mode is enabled and required to use to see all the stuff in the game.