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Here you'll find things not of any particular genre or category, like all the characters I've created over the years and so on, both current and forgotten ones, gameshark codes for various games made by myself, and other nonsensical stuff maybe.

List of Original Characters
All characters have a name and origin. Head over to this page to see and read about them.
Character Interviews
Read some interviews starring many of my original characters, like Dumb-Crow, Applelin, Tailyna, Project 67 and so on.
Lazy Lucy
A page dedicated to an cartoon that was sadly too underappreciated by most who watched it.
Gameshark Codes and such(will eventually be started)
Lots of cheat device codes(not neccessarily all about cheating) for various video games can be found in here.
Tiny Toon Adventures: DotU GTS
Guess you never saw that one coming, am I right? In any case, enter this page if you dare

Brawl Vault Collection

Note: I decided to stop making more replays, as I started to think my more recent ones has gotten very stale as of late. During 2009, I had it set on my mind that I would try to record at least 1.000 replays per year, but after 2010 I kind of hit my limit, and the amount of replays made went down considerably. I felt that I no longer could carry it on any further at such a fast pace, seeing as I gained other responsibilities of mine to take care of... not that most people would care reading about this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

That doesn't mean I won't do any more replays though, but they won't be in such huge numbers. Maybe one, two or more once in a while, but no more than that, and it could also take a month, or even longer before I start recording new replays again./End of note

An enormous set of Vault files like replays, snapshots, and custom stages can be downloaded right below. (for the replays, they were made while playing the game on the 50hz setting, so to all of you NTSC users, if you watch any of the replays, the song synchronizing antics that I tend to try perform in most replays might be a bit off.) Also included in the Custom Stages archive is an text file about an custom stage that I created that can create messed up replays, so check it out and see if you can get any glitch replays out of doing battles on this particular stage!

Custom Stages.rar
Album Files1.rar
Album Files2.rar
Album Files3.rar
Album Files4.rar
Album Files5.rar
Replay Files1.rar
Replay Files2.rar
Replay Files3.rar
Replay Files4.rar
Replay Files5.rar
Replay Files6.rar
Replay Files7.rar