Concepts and Ideas

This page contains concepts and things related to projects I'm going to pursue in the future(mostly animated works).


Skatus is set to be a series about a group of anthromorphic birds working at a construction site(a skyscraper being built), where disasters and accidents tend to happen, and unexpected(and often unwelcomed) visitors pops up. I have managed to draw up some concepts related to it, and this will be one of my first animation projects. Everyone in this series will be speaking swedish, with the occasional throw-in of English here and there.

Concept drawings:

thumbnail0664 thumbnail0665 thumbnail0666 thumbnail0671

Lazy Lucy (Series 3)

This is an idea that stuck in my head a while ago this year. The 3rd season for Lazy Lucy is supposed to continue a little while after where the original series ended(it will be set at year 2006). However, unlike the original run, Series 3 will be ending properly. The characters from this show haven't been touched for over 10 years, so now I feel it is time for them to finally make their return to the TV screen.

This new series will be staying mostly true to the original series, but it will depart a little from the usual plot summary of Lucy finding lazier ways to do things; it will be more varied, and explore areas and situations the original series didn't. Lucy and her family will be moving house at the start of the 3rd series, which also comes at a disadvantage for both Lucy and Jasmine; the distance between them will now be longer, making it harder for them to come over to eithers' homes.

The art style used in the original series will be carried over to series 3(except the backgrounds, which will receive more refining and perfection), and characters will also look the same, but the animation will be considerly improved upon, each frame will be drawn by hand, and characters will be looking more consistent between scenes.

I have most of this idea outlined in my mind, only thing I need to do is draw more concepts, and get it pitched somehow. A couple drawings and concepts can be viewed below, including a list for possible episodes to be produced.

List of Series 3 Episodes "yet-to-be"

produced(CAN be subject to change. I hope not though.):

Concept Drawings:

thumbnail0661 thumbnail0667 thumbnail0668 thumbnail0669thumbnail0676 thumbnail0678 Josefine