List of Characters

You may know of some characters like Applelin and Dumb-Crow, but there's still a handful that I yet haven't told anyone about. All the characters from my portfolio are included on this page.

The Project 67 Universe:



One of my very first creations. This guy first appeared in a card game of mine (that never got anywhere past the cards themselves, as I had absolutely no idea on how the rules would of been like). I later adopted him as an actual character of mine. His basic characteristic design remain mostly the same, but some details like his tail has been expanded a bit, and now has twirly eyes instead of round ones with small inner black circles. The old design still remains with Old-Style Dumb-Crow, who will be described below. Dumb-Crow's appear to be mostly dumb, and says ''duuh'' pretty frequent, though they are capable of full speech, and have shown to be quite intelligent in some situations, like being able to fly a plane, using bombs, going on the toilets, and all the like. Dumb-Crow's used to fight for their king(and master) King Dumb-Crow, but have taken a backseat as of late to focus more on life and businesses.


King Dumb-Crow

The main antagonist of the Project 67 series. He used to be the greatest king on Spirit Dream Island, but ever since Project 67 came in his view his popularity over the island has quickly dropped down to a minimum, and his Dumb-Crow's eventually leaving him had not made things any greater for him. Nowadays he can often be found having himself a beer at a local pub or bar to drown his misery with (Project 67 also on some rare occasions visits the pubs to have himself a drink, only to find King Dumb-Crow there drinking himself non-sober). Despite his rather low popularity as a king, he still attempts to move himself to the top again by plotting new plans. The only ones left in his castle these days are King Dumb-Crow himself (obviously), and a few Dumb-Crow's who didn't bother leaving. While Project 67 was his first creation(along with Dummy), he has made a few other creations, like Crowiolina, and Crower, both of which neither was to his expectation.

0 - IQ Dumb-Crow

Said to be from the stone age, this species are the least intelligent, and are also rumored to be ''The Wrong Connection''. They often respond in the language of ancient cavemen with the only words; ''Ooga Boga'', ''Duuh'', and ''Sod off''. They often wield a hammer, perhaps as a self-defense of some sort, but they commonly use it to carve stones, bonking themselves in the head, among other typical caveman behaviors. Their population in the world of today are only about 10-15.

Old-Style Dumb-Crow

The original Dumb-Crow that started it all. These guys are based of the old design of Dumb-Crow's, though their population has been quite small compared to today's Dumb-Crow. They are still their former selves, and from time to time signs contracts with King Dumb-Crow to help him fight the good guys(or the frightful terrifying Cute Balls if that's his primary target).


Project 67

Originally intended as a mascot character of mine, this guy has rarely ever been seen for some time, only having a chance of making appearances in a few drawings as of late. Project 67's origin can be traced far back to the dire times of King Dumb-Crow; King Dumb-Crow created him to be another soldier to his army, but not just any soldier, one that would be more powerful, and EVEN more EVIL. However, his plans immediatedly backfired on him after Project 67 showed to be more good than evil, so he was rejected by King Dumb-Crow(by stuffing Project 67 into a big cannon and firing him off into the far, far away distance). Project 67 generally likes action, and is bored by anything else other than that of his interest. He also doesn't like Hijaky, mostly when she's in her ''lovesick-period''.



Another character from the Project 67 rooster that got lost somewhat. He's Project 67's friend, and an avid treasure hunter(he rarely stops for a break when it comes to seeking out treasure).


Hijaky Tukira

Not really lost or forgotten, unlike the other two, as she has been making appearances quite frequently in drawings. Anyway, this woman were the one who found Project 67 after being out walking one day, and decided to bring him home. Since she first laid her eyes on him she has had a crush on Project 67, and always attempts to make him hers, but it rarely ever works. Hijaky enjoys quiet and nature, and has an odd hobby of holding ''Love classes'', to Project 67's disgust and boredom. Despite what everyone says, she's not really the damsel in distress, as it's often Project 67 himself who turns to be the one in need.


An character that was one of the good guys. He first appeared in issue #1 of Project 67, but has since never been heard of again. One assumption is that he was being considered a too obscure character(by myself, that is.). Friendly-Dumb-Crow probably won't appear again in any future works featuring Project 67.


Yasu Hiyami

The daughter of her family in the heavens. Her father often forbid her to head down to Earth, as it would lead to dire consequences if such actions is attempted. Yasu believes that going down and meeting the earth people aren't that bad, and has on several occassions gone down when her parents doesn't notice. While down there, she finds the new world being much tinier than she thought. Yasu soon encounters Project 67 and co, and quickly become friends with them. She's known to show up in her former gigantic size, either greeting her friends or gently patting the island they live on. Ever since she showed up on earth, she has taken a position as the guardian of Spirit Dream Island, feeling she could be of great help against anything evil. She's also able to shift her size incase she needs to fit in someones house when visiting her friends down on the earth, but often end up shrinking small enough to bump her head into the roof.



One of King Dumb-Crow's creations after Project 67. Despite having been rejected by her creator, as well as a former rivarly, she still cares for her creator, and often visits King Dumb-Crow's castle for an night of sleep. Crowiolina was initially limbless, but wished for a full body later on.


The last of King Dumb-Crow's creations. He looked exactly like a Dumb-Crow, but sported yellow shoes instead of bare feet, and was one of the good guys. King Dumb-Crow didn't reject him, but trained him to become one of his. What happened afterwards remains unknown, but later on Crower came to star in his own game, Crower VS The Time. After that game however he came to suffer from blindness (and also after gaining back his sight becoming a psychotic and crazy guy). His future is unknown as of now, and perhaps won't ever appear again.


An crazy-minded scientist crow. He resembles a Dumb-Crow, apart from the goggles and green colour. He's an recurring character in the Project 67 universe, and is often considered the more definitive villain. He's not so much of a friend to everyone, apart from King Dumb-Crow who at times meet up with him, only to come up with several plans together to get rid of Project 67 (which backfires on the king just as much as it would do by him alone, only worse.). His interest is easily said to be doing experiments and chemistry (often the more explosive parts of it). He's also seems to hate the Wood-Stocks very well (character property of W-64), and often tries to rid of their existence, to little avail and success.

Cute Balls

Though not really belonging to the Project 67 universe, he's now considered a part of it. Cute Ball originated from a card game project (similar to Dumb-Crow's), and were intended to be a bunch of cutesy balls jolling around(and battling bad guys if really desperatedly needed). However, it took a wrong turn, and they had since never been heard of again. Nowadays the Cute Balls are rivals (and a direct competitor) to the Dumb-Crow's in many ways, and have been known to stir up more trouble than anything good or cute-ish.

Other Characters:


Kazooa the Seagull

Kazooa is a seagull who has the color of red rather than white like regular seagulls. Kazooa is a bit like the Nintendo character Wario, both in traits and personality, and also has a extremely greedy side. She possess moves similar to Wario's as well, and her favorite food is garlic. She always spends her days at home, trying to come up with ideas to get herself some cash, usually resulting in backfire.Just like Wario, Kazooa goes out on adventures for treasure, and even makes her own microgames, though it's still debatable whether or not they sell as good as Wario's. Kazooa was created in 2003, and were initially called Kazooie the Breegull. She was originally created as a character similar to the breegull from the Banjo video game series. Over time however she became a character of her own, and her relation to Banjo the Bear was dropped a few years later.

In her first design she looked like a typical bird(with cartoon eyes, and somewhat badly drawn), though over the years she came to have a more upright stance. About late 2004 she were given clothes and a cap on her head, and wielded a hammer made of two carrots. This particular redesign was made as part of an experiment of giving her, including other characters I still were drawing at the time like Earthworm Jim, Yoshi, and Kirby magical(but yet bizarre-looking) powers. A comic in this style was in plans as well, but the idea fell through later on as time passed, and in about late 2006 her design changed once again. Kazooa's clothes remained mostly unchanged, but her hat was removed, and her head changed a bit.

During 2007 a game starring Kazooa was in development, initially named Kazooie's Bad Stupid Day and later Kazooie's Bad Strange Day, but was scrapped in late 2009. Several other games being based on the very same game project emerged between late 2007 and middle 2008, in particular Kazooie and Yoshi - Yoshi's Invention, Kazooie's Treasure Hunts, and Kazooie World(the latter being more like a Wario title). Neither saw completion, and in 2010 two new projects(using the last build of KSBD as base) were started up, Kazooie the Phantom Thief and KazooieWare. Both projects yet have to see a greenlight. In Sep 2008, a game which is separate from the aforementioned games started development, Kazooie in The Treasure Land. After a myriad of delays and work-enviromental issues, development of the game got done in Sep 16 2013, and is the first of all games in the Kazooa Series to have ever been completed so far.

In june 2013, a whole ten years after her creation, I finally changed her name at my own behest to Kazooa the Seagull to avoid future confusion between the two birds. Despite all the unfortunate events that unfolded, with over 4 games starring Kazooa having been cancelled, she is still the one to have appeared the most in my drawings, and will eventually surpass that of Applelin. As for why her red color remains even if her name was changed, it is likely that a bucket of paint was dropped on her by accident when she still was little, turning her red. However, the paint came to glue itself to her feathers, making it extremely hard to wash off, and even if it could be washed away, the very same color will still be left on her body.

Image below showing how Kazooa has changed in appearance over the years(will eventually be replaced with a more better looking one later):

kazooa_evolutionchart tveety_profile


Formely called Tweetery, this feathered fellow used to be a friend to Applelin. However, at one point he was forgotten about, and he will very likely not be brought back again in a very long time.


Happser the Woodpecker

Intended to be in a game featuring cute and kiddy enviroments and natures, ala Conker's Twelve Tales, this character quickly faded into obscurity. Given his obscurity today, he won't likely be brought back again.



Formely named Cherri the Raccoon, this little raccoon girl was born out of an inspiration; A ferret girl who had an affection for collecting coins. Since her initial birth her look has changed pretty much. In her early design she looked more like a cat of sorts, while in her later designs her look has varied. In her recent design she got her hat and gloves removed, and now wears the red, short-sleeved dress she earlier had. In recent times her future has been in a messy limbo; attempts at redesigning her as a whole have been made, like making her look like a japanese geisha woman, which seemed to have failed. Her name also had to be changed, amongst other things. While Applelin were once happy and cheery in the past, her mood has sunk down as of late, and she often stays in her house(sometimes though she does go out). Despite this, Applelin will be kept as a character.


Princess Pearly

An princess who was named after one of the most valuable treasure, a pearl. She has only been featured in 2 drawings so far.


Tailyna - Tailyna sprung off in February 2007. Her look seems to be inspired by an mix of Lucy from the Lazy Lucy TV Series, and Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sonic series. Tailyna is half raccoon/Tanooki, and sports 3 stretchable tails on her back, which she can use to do a variety of things, like grabbing something far away from normal reach, knock out bad guys, and making formations to express her moods, like when she's feeling love, or sees something she likes, two of her tails form a heart shape. Likewise if she senses anger, her tails takes on a thunderbolt shape.

As in person, she's quite gentle of herself, and does nobody any harm. Tailyna likes adventure, and most of the time never say no to any help she's offered. Early on in her life she also had a job as a stripper at local bars, but has since moved on to focus more on traveling and adventuring.

 Princess Peach used to be her biggest idol. Due to this however, Tailyna had developed an attraction to young women, especially those of giant nature. Nowadays her obsession with giant females has toned down a little, and mostly prefers cuddling with them. However, she only does this with girls she knows well. She also greatly respects Cherri The Squirrelmunk, and as such would never think or even believe that they both do anything inappropriate together.

She's currently unmarried, and prefers it that way. Some of Tailyna's closest friends are Hijaky Tukira, and Applelin(though Tailyna seems to be much of an sister-in-law to Applelin, as they often go out on adventures together). Her look has remained largely the same, apart from having her ears removed since later improvements to her design. In 2017 her regular clothing style got a bit of an update.

Lazy Tily

An alternate form of Tailyna. Her character is based on the main character Lucy from the children cartoon "Lazy Lucy" who, in order to do as little as possible, always ends up doing more, and tries to find a "lazier way"!... Despite being one of Tailyna's alternate forms, Tily is shown to also be her own being, even being strongly tied to Tailyna in many ways.



Raquina originated from an small sprite sheet of mine, intended to be based around the design of the half-genie Shantae(nowadays though this is no longer the case), but with some of the usual changes I tend to make. I later brought this character back to life, and Raquina has since appeared in quite a few drawings. Her design has slightly changed since her initial creation, mostly in the color palette. I intend to let her appear more frequently in my works soon.



Bonkella is Bonk's sister. She was created to give the hard-headed caveman a family relative. Being his sister, she possess a bit more intelligence, and is more on the emotional side of things. Bonkella shares the traits of her brother, so that means she will sometimes act like him, eat food the way he does, and can also have her head explode just like him. She also snores loudly while sleeping, which sometimes annoys her brother.

Aside from the similar traits between them, she cares for her brother, and is very nice and kind of herself. Despite her high intelligence and seemingly large word vocabulary, Bonkella's speech appears to have a flaw that makes her either miss certain words or talk in a more caveman-like language.

She is also prone to be extremely sensitive of herself, like not being able to take any insults nor anyone being rude to her, and thus often need to be comforted. She also has made friends of some of Bonk's earlier enemies(like the Ice Ballerina creature from Bonk's Revenge.)


Intended to appear as the main character of a future Cartoon, Skatus is the leader(and boss) of his fellow bird workers. According to the show's plot summary so far, these birds have been assigned the job to finish building a skycraper. Often this will be easier said than... done, since foreigners or unwelcomed visitors tend to check in and make things worse for them.



Set to appear in the soon-upcoming Series 2 of Lazy Lucy. Josefine is Lucy's cousin. She's the complete opposite of Lucy; Josefine is near hyperactive, likes doing cleaning and household chores, and can sometimes get on Lucy's nerves, but not on purpose. She does know when and where to stop though, and has heartedly feelings towards her cousin. Josefine has a heart-shaped birthmark on the right side of her forehead. She also seems to get very well along with Lucy's mom, and Jasmine.