Character Interviews

Character Interviews - right where they should belong. Have a good read of what the characters from LucybonesSquirrel's massive catalogue have to say about things and people, and what they think of themselves today.

Applelin Interview (note: This interview was originally slated to appear on Conker's Homeland's Interviews section, but as it was felt to be completely out of place it was rewritten a bit and posted on this website instead.)

ConkerGuru: Alright. Hi, and all that. Today I will interview someone who I wanted to do a interview with for quite some time, but never had the chance. Wonder when she'll arrive.

*Applelin comes in nervous*

Applelin: E-excuse me, but.. which room is the interview one?

ConkerGuru: Why hello there Applelin. Actually, this is the interview room. Come on in.

Applelin:*closes the door as she walks in* CG, I'm not sure if I feel ok about this. I'm a bit nervous.

ConkerGuru: Aw, no need to feel nervous. Have a seat.

Applelin: Oh, thank you.

ConkerGuru: Ok, I would like to ask you a handful of questions, mostly concerning about your name change and so on.

Applelin: Alright. Go ahead.

ConkerGuru: Ok. For a start, can you recall when I created you?

Applelin: Hmm... Around October 2006, or something like that.

 ConkerGuru: Alright. Do you feel like you've changed over the years?

Applelin: Well.. a bit of an hard question, but I do have changed, mostly in appearance maybe. And I've certainly grown up a bit now as well. Also, what the hell was the point about experimenting with my design?? It's not like it got any better you know.

ConkerGuru: Alright, a bit of my own fault on that part. I just wanted to see if I could get your character more well-defined. It didn't apparantly work out though.

Applelin: Well, I'm glad you reversed my design now. Feels so good to be my own self again.

ConkerGuru: Yeah. I promise I'll never do that again. Anyway, moving on. 3 months back, I had to change your name at the request of my friend Natalie, as your original name started to conflict with her Conker OC. What did you feel about it after I got your name changed to ''Applelin''?

Applelin: Well, to be perfectly honest, I started acting like a little bitch after you told me about it, and ran away.

ConkerGuru: Ok. By the way, where did you run off to? I hope it wasn't where Cherri and her family lives. If it was, did you attempt to take your name back from her in any way?

Applelin: What? I would NEVER do such a thing! I just ran off sobbing, that's all. I didn't really know where I was heading, I just needed to be alone for a while. After a few hours of sobbing and sighs, I decided to head back home, but I couldn't remember the way back, and I became a bit worried and scared, fearing something bad would happen to me. After another couple of hours I was exhausted and tired of all the walking. Was apparantly walking in circles, always appearing back at the place I started at. I gave up, and just began laying down, falling asleep. Can't remember what happened after that though.

ConkerGuru: Well, don't worry about it now. What matters is that you're still in life. So. You have had some great friends as of recently, but there's one particular guy I would like to ask about -- Tveety. Does that name ring you any bells?

Applelin: Tveety? Hmm... Nope, not at all.

ConkerGuru: You don't remember him? He was your friend in the past, but ever since those times he has never been heard of again. You know what happened to him?

Applelin: Oh, now I remember him. Well, to be honest, I can't recall what happened to him, sorry CG.

ConkerGuru: Ok. So, with all this stuff about the name going on last year, how did you feel during that time?

Applelin: Well, I've had my depressive times as of late. Always sat in my house and got myself drunk of apple-flavored scotch and thought bad things about myself, but I'm recovering now. By the way, I see you changed look by now CG.

ConkerGuru: Yep. This is my new raccoon persona. I started to think my other, hat-wearing one were getting a bit old, so I kind of updated myself.

Applelin: Honestly, I think you look good actually.

ConkerGuru: Is it bad that I'm looking more female now rather than male?

Applelin: No, not at all. I think you look cute as a girl.

ConkerGuru: Oh, thanks! ... Going back to the friend part -- You seem to have a sort of friendship with Tailyna, one of my other characters. What is it like being with her?

Applelin: Well, she has her sides when it comes to women of gigantic scale, and her idol Princess Peach, but she's quite a nice and caring person. Tailyna and I always had adventures, and also spending time together. I even get to mess about with her tails a bit.

ConkerGuru: Mess with them? As in?

Applelin: Well, since she had been in an accident with having her tails being stepped on, they are now stretchable. So I asked her what she best likes to do while being with someone, and she told me she loves wrapping her tails around someone, which she did with me.

ConkerGuru: Alright. Did it hurt to you?

Applelin: Naw, not at all. It felt comfortable. While having one of her tails wrapped around my body I started rub it with my hand, and she seemed to enjoy it, cause she giggles when I do that..

ConkerGuru: Alright. Now, moving on. How do you think about your life as it is now?

Applelin: Well, it could have been better, but I'll manage.

ConkerGuru: You think that Cherri deserves her name to be kept unchanged, and that she's one of the better Conker OCs?

Applelin: Yeah, I rather not have any confusions being made. I think your decision to change my name was a good move.. gotta miss my original name though, as I sometimes aren't feeling like I'am myself.

ConkerGuru: No need to worry. Your original name will remain in my older drawings, and I won't bother changing them as they're starting to see their age. However, what matters more is that to me you're still the same little raccoon girl I created years back.

Applelin: Thanks CG. *gives CG a kiss on his cheek* Ops, sorry. Couldn't resist myself. *blushes*

ConkerGuru: ... Ah, don't worry. I appreciate it. Soo.. should we call it a day you think?

Applelin: Yep. Come with me CG, let's head outside.

ConkerGuru: Alright. Coming.

*End of Applelin Interview*

Tailyna Interview

ConkerGuru: Hi everyone. Today I will be interviewing someone who clearly is a fan of the Nintendo character Princess Peach, and who has a thing for women.

*Tailyna comes in*

Tailyna: Hai ConkerGuru!

ConkerGuru: Hello Tailyna!

Tailyna: So, this is where you'll interview me, am I right?

ConkerGuru: Yep. Have a seat.

Tailyna: Thank you. I'm a bit tired after all that walking. By the way, you look cute CG.

ConkerGuru: Thanks. Anyway, I'll be asking you a couple questions. To start things off, do you remember your birth date?

Tailyna: Yep. February 10, 2007. Don't ask me where I got it from, I found it out in the very first drawing you did of me.

ConkerGuru: Alright. So.. How do you feel about yourself by now, like your appearance over the years? Have it changed alot?

Tailyna: Well. I haven't changed that alot, to be honest. My ears are gone by now, and my appearance have been a bit more refined. But I'm happy with myself the way I'am.

ConkerGuru: Alright. Now, I'd like to ask something regarding your tails; Your tails are stretchable to rather insane distances, but could you tell me HOW exactly this came to be?

Tailyna: Well, you see, it started around at the end of my teens. I was out in the woods somewhere, looking up at the trees as they bloomed, feeling harmony flowing through me. Unknownst to me, someone happened to walk by where I stood, a Dumb-Crow was it I think. He didn't see where he stepped his foot, and the last thing I felt was him stepping on ALL three of my tails! I screamed in pain as the poor guy jumped in terror when he heard me. It was like if my tails just broke all of a sudden. The nerve endings inside my tails apparantly had popped. After this accident I couldn't even feel them anymore, and at first I was all worried about them not functioning. A few days later at home one morning I was minding my own, not being able to feel my tails any longer. However, as I reached for a glass of water in the kitchen I felt one of my tails suddenly wiping down all the dishes. At first I thought I were dreaming, but as I tiredly reached my hand for some butter in the fridge I saw one of the tails grabbing it for me. Even stranger was when I were in the bathroom, I needed to brush my teeth, but were too tired to prepare the toothbrush, I then saw it again, for real this time; the tail prepared the toothbrush and brushed my teeth with it. I was a bit scared initially over what had caused this, but I then came to think about the accident that happened a couple days back. ''Maybe that's what caused this strange behavior?'' I thought to myself, and I calmed down. As the day went on I spended most of my time at home, wondering and trying to figure out what things I can use my tails for. It turned out that I could use it for WAAY many things, like using them as a towel after showering, grabbing things otherwise far away from my reach, cleaning the furnitures, making various shapes with them, and more. The thing I found most exciting was being able to use them like a spring and start bouncing around the house like god knows what! I was becoming more thrilled by my new gift, and decided to show this for my friends. The rest is history from there.

ConkerGuru: Wow, thanks for all that info Tailyna!

Tailyna: No problem my dearie, I'm always willing to give detailed answers.

ConkerGuru: Alright. Are you proud of your own tails by now?

Tailyna: Yeah, I really am. Makes me feel a bit special for the ones I know.

ConkerGuru: So. Have you met Cherri T. Squirrelmunk before?

Tailyna: No, I haven't. But I believe she's very nice of herself, and I'd really like to meet her one day.

ConkerGuru: It's said that you adore Princess Peach very much. Is it true you think?

Tailyna: Of course. I'm pretty much a big fan of her. She has a certain charm in her that is simply hard to resist, even I can't say no to actually meet her in person. I always wanted to have her autograph. Whether she likes me or not I have no idea about, but it doesn't matter to me, as long as I get to see her close-up makes my day worth it all.

ConkerGuru: Ok. Speaking of ''Close-up'', you have a thing for women, don't you?

Tailyna: Oh yeah, I sure do. I always like peeking under the dress of someone, just to see her legs, and... be tiny and hang onto her feet, hugging them for the sheer love of it! *blushes*

ConkerGuru: Err... I think we better not go any deeper into this subject. There are some people who might not like hearing that stuff you know. But may I ask a little what exactly about women is so much of interest to you?

Tailyna: Oh, alright then. Well, what I find so interesting about a woman isn't just specific parts of their body. It's more about their proportions, feminism, and so on. I always wondered why we women look the way we do, and with that I'm well aware that over time I had sort of developed a bit of a attraction to them, mainly when they're bigger than me, which most girls may not be very comfortable with. Aside from that though, I also love wrapping my tail around someone, especially Applelin.

ConkerGuru: Is she your best friend?

Tailyna: Yep. We could say that we have a sort of mutual love interest in each other. We're not actually in love, but usually we do private things when we're alone for ourselves. I even let her have a go at touching parts of my body after I shrink her.

ConkerGuru: Is she ok with that you think?

Tailyna: Sure. She doesn't ever say no to anything when it's just me and her, which is the reason why I like her so much... but, aside from that, we're best friends in general, we even go on adventures together! I'm also like a big sister to her, just to clarify.

ConkerGuru: Alright. You have another friend of yours, Hijaky Tukira. How is she like being with?

Tailyna: Well, when it comes to my interests she's pretty strong willed of herself, and does anything I want her to do with me. Besides, both I and Hijaky get very well along. She's quite fun to talk to, and are very calm and kind of herself.

ConkerGuru: Alright, this will be my final question. What do you think about your life in these days?

Tailyna: Couldn't been better actually. I have friends who likes me for my stretchable tails, and I often have something to do every day, be it stripping at bars or bouncing myself high enough to reach the clouds... Hmm... *looks at CG* Say.. you look really beautiful as a girl CG. May I sit with ya'?

ConkerGuru: Er.. yeah, sure.

Tailyna: *Sits near CG* You know, I wanted to say this to you for awhile, but... I kinda love you!

ConkerGuru: Um, I'm not sure now, but... are you hitting on me??

Tailyna: Naw, of course not. I just love you for who you are. *gives CG a kiss on his left hand* Feeling good now?

ConkerGuru: ... Yeah, kinda. Should we call it a day?

Tailyna: Yep. Come on CG, let's walk home to my house. I'm sure you want to know more about how I'm living. Don't you agree?

ConkerGuru: Alright. On my way!

*End of Tailyna Interview*

King Dumb-Crow Interview

ConkerGuru: Alright. Today we will have someone on interview, who once was a great king, and had a bunch of Dumb-Crow's with his side, which is now no more. It is none other than King Dumb-Crow himself---

*King Dumb-Crow enters the room*

King Dumb-Crow: Yeah yeah, I hear ya. That would be me alright.

ConkerGuru: Oh, here already?

King Dumb-Crow: Yea. Now, whad'ya call me for?? Hope it better go fast, cus I don't have time for this.

ConkerGuru: Don't you worry, it'll only be a couple questions... Could you tell me why exactly you're king?

King Dumb-Crow: Shuddup! It's because of the crown on my head. Alright, on with the next question then.

ConkerGuru: Ahem, we're not even done with that one.

King Dumb-Crow: No, but I don't have the time for this stuff. On with the next question I said.

ConkerGuru: Sigh... Alright, you know about Project 67 don't you?

King Dumb-Crow: Grr.. Don't you DARE mentioning that guy! He's the worst I met, AND made!

ConkerGuru: I can tell you don't like him. But will you give us some hint about how he came about?

King Dumb-Crow: Well, you see, it all started back when my pride as a king was high, and my Dumb-Crow's actually FOLLOWED MY orders. It was wartime with the Wood-Stocks again, and I needed a soldier that was powerful enough, but none of the others on my team was strong enough, so I decided it was about time to create one myself, an soldier that could outwit not only the Wood-Stocks, but everyone else on this planet as well! I only had a few minutes to do so, as the Wood-Stocks would approach our castle in any moment. Eventually I made my very first creation, who I temporarily codenamed "Project 67". All was going well in the fight with the Wood-Stocks. We defeated them with the help of this new Project 67 fella. After that I created another one, who I jokingly named Dummy. We had good times by then, but one day, when I and my Dumb-Crow's tried to cook up a plan to take down the entire civilisation of Spirit-Dream-Island, that Project 67 then nixed it, saying that was a bad thing of him to do. I then realized that what I have made was someone who was goodhearted, not evil! I didn't say anything yet however, as we were still in the middle of cooking up a plan, so I told him to go up to the tower and keep a lookout for any Wood-Stocks. Later that evening, we were about to approach those stupid guys village. I so badly wanted to get rid of those goodhearted guys, and when the war began, as we were about to deliver the blow to those bastards, Project 67 then, unbeknownst to me, started to stand by their side, and treated me as a mean king!! Due to that we lost the war, and we headed home in defeat! I was overthrown by my very own creation, who wanted to do nothing but good things. The next morning I was minding my own, and as I was about to sip my cup of coffee I couldn't think about anything else but Project 67. The more I thought about him the more I started to hate him.--

ConkerGuru: *Yawns*... Are you done anytime soon?

King Dumb-Crow: No, not yet! ... At that moment one of my Dumb-Crow's came in and told me that Project 67 had told my soldiers to quit working for me, and it had began spreading like hell across the castle. Very soon all of my soldiers came to me and told me that they'll be quitting for me! I tried convincing them NOT to listen to what Prrject 67 says, but it was too late; half of the loot have already made up their mind, and with no second thoughts they started storming out of the castle, leaving me in confusion and shame. There were still a few Dumb-Crow's inside the castle, but those were doing something else, and some of those were about to also pack their bags and leave. I was VERY angry about what P67 had done, and I decided to find and knock him down unconscious! After I did that I stuffed him into a cannon and fired him faaar away from my castle, hoping I would never see him again anytime soon. I felt less mad afterwards, and since then I tried forgetting that I ever created P67, and with the remaining Dumb-Crow's we decided to go for another war with the Wood-Stocks. For the first few times it went without any problems. Later after a few months however, I began seeing posters of Project 67 everywhere, who now was a "brave hero", and was the "cooler guy" around, also mocking me in saying bad things about me like I'm a stinker, sucker, impopular and a "king who doesn't deserve the respect of others"! Feeling infuriated, I decided it was time to conduct another war against the townspeople, but not only that, it would also let me have my revenge on that Project 67! It all backfired however, as Project 67 now also had a few other guys by his side, like Dummy who left me after our last war had ended, that jerk "Friendly-Dumb-Crow" who now has since not been heard of in a long time, and that sick, nature-loving woman Hijaky!! They got us beaten down, and once again we headed home in defeat while those bastards claimed victory. Since that time things kept going for the worse. We always plotted to defeat Project 67 and his friends, only to end up eating our words. This kept going for a few years, and one day when I told my soldiers that it was time to go out on war again, they all were against it, as they had started tiring off being beaten to death by the good guys all the time... and me for punishing them when they played games that I normally disapprove, with me being the main subject of mocking. The rest of them started packing their bags, telling me that they wouldn't come back, ever. I was all confused over why they'd just leave me like that. A few of my soldiers were still left, but that was mainly cause they didn't feel like leaving. Anyway, having no choice, I headed out all by myself to battle the Wood-Stocks. I stood there in the middle of the field, waiting for those wooded pumpkin faces to arrive. When they saw me without my soldiers on my side they started laughing at me, and proceeded to knock me down. All I could do was run for my life. It did not end happily for me that night, as I layed down in defeat while the Wood-Stocks declared victory!!... And, the rest is history from there on.

ConkerGuru: Ah, finally. Anyway, what did you do after that?

King Dumb-Crow: Well, seeing my popularity sink down even more as time passed, I got into a bit of an depression, and with no other thought on mind I decided to head for the local pub to have a pint of beer. The bartender was highly against serving me a drink at first, but I told him I was no longer an evil king, and so he landed me a drink. Since then I've been always frequenting that pub. At one point one of P67's friends, Hijaky, had a temporary job as a bartender there, but now these days it is a Dumb-Crow. Project 67 also frequents it every now and then on occassions.

ConkerGuru: Alright, moving on. You have also made a few other creations during this time, such as Crower and Crowiolina.

King Dumb-Crow: Hang on there now a minute Raccoonbabe, those came after all that. Crowiolina I created with a cake as a main ingredient in my latest experiment, hoping what I could create was a female, superpowerful soldier that couldn't be taken down so easily. What I got instead was something like my 2 last disasters, only that she was more annoying than Project 67, and kept on asking me about things that I simply couldn't give an answer on. I later came to reject her, and after that I created Crower, who turned out about the same like the last one. I didn't reject him at first, but tried to train him to become one of my soldiers. It didn't work out however, so I despised him, telling him to leave my castle, and NOT coming back for good. What happened to him after that I don't know. Supposedly he got lost somewhere maybe? As for Crowiolina, I believe she has kind of matured by now, and looks very different to when I first created her. Wonder why though..

ConkerGuru: Well, to put it simple; she wished to gain a full body. How she did that I won't tell about right now, but anyway this will be my last question; after all of what's happened, what do you think about yourself today?

King Dumb-Crow: Naw.. Could of been better.. if I didn't create that Project 67 fellow I would of have been a king who's still alive and kicking, even to this day. However, I'm still trying to get myself back on top again by plotting plans, even if it so means having to team up with Weirdo on several occassions... only to end up eating my plans again and again... Alright, I'm outta here. Gotta go back home. See ya around you bastard!

ConkerGuru: Hey, that wasn't nice!

King Dumb-Crow: Don't care. I'm going now to have myself a pint of beer. Sod off with ya.

ConkerGuru: Wait, we aren't even done yet!! Hrmm.. Ah well, time for me to head home as well then.

*End of King Dumb-Crow Interview*

Hijaky Interview

ConkerGuru: Well dear readers, here's another interview, this time with a certain woman; Hijaky Tukira! She is said to love everything about nature, and has a crush on one of my OCs, Project 67.. wonder when she'll be here.

*Door opens*

Hijaky: Hi there. Is this the room I'm supposed to be in?

ConkerGuru: Yes it is. Come in Hijaky!

Hijaky:*closes door* So... *is feeling a bit shy* what questions will you be asking me?

ConkerGuru: Well, the questions I usually ask the ones I interview, and maybe some questions specific to a certain character. Now, shall we get started?

Hijaky: Oh yeah, I really can't wait.

ConkerGuru: Alright. First, do you recall when you came about to exist?

Hijaky: Around late 2005 to early 2006.. somewhere like that.

ConkerGuru: Do you know who Project 67 is?

Hijaky: Of course! He's always been seen as a hero to many. I was the one who discovered him back in the day, and seeing him lying there, I decided to take him to my home. Since then we've been great friends. But we're not alone; Dummy, is another friend of ours. He came about at the same time as P67, but he found his own way to my house when he was looking around for P67.

ConkerGuru: Ok. Do you get along well?

Hijaky: Well, P67 is mostly interested in action.. which is ok to me. But I really wish that he'd try spending more time with me.

ConkerGuru: Do you have any kind of relationship with him?

Hijaky: Oh, that one*giggles*.. well, I guess it's a bit 50-50 there. I always wanted him to be my love, but he always seems so dejected whenever I ask him to go out with me, and tries to come up with any possible excuses as of why he can't. However, I know, that deep inside, P67 DOES love me. He's just too afraid to show his feelings for me.

ConkerGuru: *thinks to himself* Well, I however don't think he shows any signs of love towards her. He's just too busy with his own interests to even bother thinking about the word ''Love''.*stops thinking* Um... have you managed to get closer to him once?

Hijaky: Oh yeah, sure have! When he was at his most unaware, I shrank him and placed him between my feet. He tried to struggle himself out, but it was useless, his puny little efforts just kept tickling me.*giggles* I was stronger than him now that I was bigger, and I could do all sorts of things to him, like poking him down between my feet to prevent him from escaping, and squeezing him between them, hoping that he would start loving me more..

ConkerGuru: I don't think we really should go any further now. Anyway, did anything come out of it?

Hijaky: Sigh... well, not like I had hoped. But at least I finally got to have him JUST where I wanted him to be; WITH me! If I would've gone further, I could as well have got him married with me after my love-stuff with him in bed... which never happened anyway, as the shrinking effects started to wear out and he grew back to normal size again. I don't think I'll do that again in a long while though.

ConkerGuru: Well, it seems that you've grown giant several times as well from time to time. Do you enjoy it when that happens?

Hijaky: Yep. Whenever I grow giant, it's like I'm a big, enormous, beautiful goddess towering above everyone! But not only that, I'm also able to see where everything is while in this state.

ConkerGuru: Well, besides Project 67, and Dummy, you seem to have one more friend; Tailyna. How is she like?

Hijaky: Aah, that girl... she's like no one I ever met before; She's sweet, caring, and very nice of herself. She's like the greatest friend I had. But she also has that side of hers.

ConkerGuru: And which side is that?

Hijaky:*giggles* well, sometimes when she comes to my house for a stay she want me to shrink her, and I usually am ok with that. When it comes to her interests I'm pretty strong willed, as I know about her addiction for women. When I've had her shrunk I place her on my body, and let her do anything with me as she wishes, be it going into my underwear and cause a mess inside, or just living out her dreams to her hearts content. I'm trusting her very deep, so that's why I enjoy the things she does with me. Though with that, I do sometimes wonder whether or not she's bi.

ConkerGuru: bi?

Hijaky: Well, bi-sexual. I guess she is like that, since she tends to get turned on when facing a woman of giant size.

ConkerGuru: Has Tailyna ever been with a man?

Hijaky: No. Tailyna had never been with any boys. She prefer dating females. And that could very well be another reason why she's bi. In fact, I've never met someone who's bi before, so meeting Tailyna for the first time was a good change to me. I never regret it. Makes me wish I were that too. Anyway, besides this, she's also an brave and fearless adventurer. She has ventured to areas that I wouldn't even think about going at.

ConkerGuru: Ok, moving on. Any recent news regarding King Dumb-Crow? What is he up to right now?

Hijaky: That I can't really answer on right now. I often see him going to the pub in Dumb-Crow Village every now and then. He always seems so pissed off. Besides that, he seems to remain silent by now. But I know that one day he might be cooking up a evil plan, so incase that day comes we better remain alert.

ConkerGuru: Yeah, who knows what he is thinking about doing. Anyway. You seem to enjoy going down the beach alot as well, aren't you?

Hijaky: Oh, I sure do. When it's summer, and just me around, I like going there in only my bikini, with a beach parasol in my hand. I might as well surprise Project 67 there when I get the chance.

ConkerGuru: Personally I don't think he looked very impressed at all when he saw her.. There used to be another member in your party, Friendly-Dumb-Crow. Whatever happened to him?

Hijaky: I cannot recall that. He just seemed to disappear one day, and that was it. He was quickly forgotten about shortly afterwards.

ConkerGuru: You also have other friends, like Yasu Hiyami and Crowiolina.

Hijaky: Oh yes, Crowiolina. She is a bit special, as she was once born without any limbs, but she wasn't quite happy about it, and made a wish to gain a full body. She also possesses a neat trick; tricking a enemy to come near her by flirting at him! When the baddie's close enough, she'll give him a big punch or kick. According to her, it works in most of the easiest situations. She's very kind and nice towards me and everyone else she meets, even if she can be a bit sarcastic at times. Now, Yasu Hiyami. She's the daughter that descended from the clouds. We've been great friends, and she is very protective of our island. Yasu has said that her parents keep forbidding her to go down here. She often choose to not listen, since she knows that nothing bad is going to happen if she were to go down to our place. By now she has decided not to return to her place of origin, as she has enjoyed a better time down on the earth. I can agree that being restricted from going down to the earth certainly isn't anyone's cup of tea.

ConkerGuru: How are you and Yasu going along with each other?

Hijaky: Very great actually. We never had any arguments or fights with each other, so I can tell she's very good-hearted, and doesn't want to hurt anything, and that makes me feel safe inside. She has even visited our home a number of times. A often humorous thing is that whenever she has to shrink himself to fit inside our house she ends up bumping her head on the roof.*laughs* Anyway, just like what I do with Tailyna, she has placed me on her body, but that is more often when I and Yasu go for a bath in the sea. And boy is she like a entire landscape when she lays down in the water! I do get into her private parts at times when I slip. But she doesn't mind it happening, because she often giggles, and should I mention quite ticklish of herself! Since the first time I slipped down her chest she has always let me tickle her. Besides that though, we're just friends in general, nothing else.

ConkerGuru: Do you know of Applelin?

Hijaky: Yep. She used to be very cheery and happy of herself, but now her mood has sunk down very hard. She's recovering, but she tend to break down at times. I guess not many have had shown any love towards her, and she is feeling left out. I still like her however, and I make sure to cheer her up as often as I can when we meet up. Applelin does deserve some love as well you know, people.

ConkerGuru: Have you heard of Cherri T. Squirrelmunk before?

Hijaky: Yes, I have heard of her. I think she's very nice and kind, and intelligent. I hope to one day meet her.

ConkerGuru: Alright, this will be my last question; How do you think about yourself today?

Hijaky: Well, I've changed looks over the years, I know that. By now I have returned to my old look, but I tend to hurl my hair into a ponytail every now and then. I'm still the one I used to be, personality-wise. I still love nature, I'm still trying to win Project 67's heart, and... I so badly wanna have my love-stuff with him someday, so I can marry him! ... that aside, I haven't changed very much in person.

ConkerGuru: Ok. Should we call it a day now?

Hijaky: Definitely! Say, would you mind if I give you a hug?

ConkerGuru: No. Go ahead.

Hijaky:*Starts hugging CG* Mmm... You're so soft and sweet..

ConkerGuru:*Thinks* Hmm... I'm feeling something strange about this...

*After a while*

Hijaky:*Holds CG, shrunk in her hands* Aah, that was great CG. Now, what do you say about being in my chest?*Puts him in her chest* There you go. You fit much better in there. Soft and comfy, ain't it?

ConkerGuru:*In Hijaky's chest* Well.. I can't really argue here, so... but that was... quite--

Hijaky:*kisses him in the mouth, knowing what he was going to say.* Quite unexpected, huh?*giggles* Well, see it as a way of me of showing the more gentle and friendlier side of the GTS genre. Now, let's walk out CG. Enjoy the ride. *Walks out with CG inside her chest*

*End of Hijaky Interview*