Yes, I've done quite a few animations sometime ago. Only two of them were completed though, the others were left unfinished. Other than that, feel free to view them by picking any of the links below. I'm not doing stuff like what is shown in them anymore, they're quite old, and usually don't reflect my current works in any way. I will try doing new ones when time allows(and when my animations skills get more fluid). (all animations on this page (c) LucybonesSquirrel)

Earthworm Jim 1 (2005/10/14)
My very first GIF animation. It's quite laggy/skippy, as it was only my first animation work.
Earthworm Jim 2 (2005/11/07)
My 2nd animation work. Were never completed.
Earthworm Jim 1 Remake(2005/12/02)
An ''remake'' of my first animation. Also weren't completed either.
Pacman Short (2005/12/08 - 2012/11/30)
Just an short pacman animation (taking inspiration from a newgrounds movie featuring the 8-bit pacman and ghosts in some sort of screwed parody). It had been left unanimated for a very long time, but I still had the files on my external HDD so I finally decided to finish it off based on the frames that were made.