About me, and this website.

Or where has the Wario Show gone to?

This website, as stated on the front page, is meant to showcase the work I've done over the years. There will be bound to be some sorts of mature art here and there on my drawings pages, but for most part it is all safe.

Click here if you want to take a look at how the site has evolved.

Short version:

This website has its roots from back in 2007, when I was experimenting with website design. The site first had the name "World of Dumb Crow's", named after a fictional character of mine. I stopped it in 2008 due to other responsibilities of mine at the time.

The project remained in standby until 2011. It went out to the world wide web in 2012 still under its original name, only to have it changed in 2014 after a long 7 years of usage.

I'm a guy from Sweden, and likes to draw, videogames, and drawing comics. I used to have a interest in designing my own games, but decided to move on after thinking about what I should do in the future.

I've always wanted to pursue my interests in drawing, comics, and animation. I have always been fascinated by the rapid moving of images since I was little and young. Unlike many people in these years, I will aim myself to work exclusively with 2D animation.

The animation projects that I currently are planning on making are; a cartoon about a group of birds working on a skyscraper while they have to endure all the disasters happening. And a 2nd one marking the revival of Lazy Lucy, only departing a bit from the original's "Lazy ways" formula, instead opting for storytelling straight from the little Lazy girl herself through her diary. I plan on starting them when I can get my drawing skills in good shape.

Long version:

I started this website in about 2007, which I based a bit on my previous project Project Dizzy, an early attempt at website design. Back then this website was known as "World of Dumb Crows". It underwent a bit of redesign in 2008, but was put aside after my Conker’s Homeland website were started.

Progress on the site picked up again in 2011. It went online in December 13 2012, and was still known as World of Dumb Crows. After getting my sites moved to a better host in 2014 the "World of Dumb Crows" name became redundant, due to the fact that the site simply wasn't just about a character of mine, so I had to give myself time to think of a new name. The new name of the website, "LucybonesSquirrel's Webplace", was decided upon after I gave the site another redesign.

As for myself, I'm a guy who lives in Sweden, at the north side of europe. I'm mostly known as ConkerGuru online. I was born in may 1991, and I have several hobbies and interests including drawing, videogames, taking apart videogames (and hacking them), and doing comics. I've been working on designing and developing PC games for a very long time now, but several years later after I caught myself thinking about what to do in the future(in August 30 2014), did I think it was time to move on, and get back to the interests I've always wanted to pursue, mainly art, comics, and animation.

Drawing and animation(2D mainly) is something I always wanted to do since I was little, and draw did I do. I drew the Earthworm Jim character quite alot, which I did for years, but stopped after inventing my own characters. Initially I wanted to aim for working with comics and 2D animation, but got my mind ensnared by game-creation software Game Maker in early 2006, which has since held me hostage to keep working on all the game projects that I came to start(over 60 different ideas to be exact). I only managed to finish about 20 of them in the end, but that was enough for me to think about moving on to better things.

During this game-making period, I managed to create The Shitchurch; the stories of Conker's Bad Fur Day character Great Mighty Poo coming to a different world, where he starts bulding his own church, and makes life worse for an other church standing directly oppsite of his. It later turned into a show full of garlic and gasses(the Wario Show, starring Wario, Wario-Ware-Man, Warrio, and VARIO as the main characters), which finished writing in february 2016. I have no intention on picking up further development on it, since I don't think it would ever become some kind of animated cartoon in the future. Comic perhaps, but cartoon?.. Very unlikely.

Right now in my current life, I have the wish to start working on comics again, and eventually with 2D animation, where I can finally bring my characters to life. In regards to animation projects, I currently have one with a group of birds working on top of a skyscraper trying their best to finish building it despite all the disaster that happens, and another that marks the return of Lazy Lucy after a very long time of rest. It will be a bit different compared to the original series though.

I still have a long ways to go before I'll be experienced enough in animation. I'll prefer practising this topic mostly on my own, and I hope to be able to achive some good quality results in the future.